Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday's Workout Recap and Summer AB's Phase 2

Hey ya'll!!!

Who is ready for Phase 2 of the SweetMel's Summer AB Challenge? I know I am because that plank decreases in time! I swear I don't think that got any easier at all!!

Let's start with my Recap from last week! Not as great as the week before but my body needed a break. I did however do better with my food choices for the most part(minus the pooping cookies). I was feeling exhausted and that was not helping my mood for the week. Back at it this week though. I guess we will see next week!

Last Week May 6th-12th

Monday- Jamie Eason Live Fit Day 57 (Quads and Calves)
DAY 17 Squat Challenge 150reg Squats & 110 Plié Squats
Day 6 AB Challenge phase 1
PR'd my 5k 29:27

Tuesday- Jamie Eason Day 58 (Back, Arms & Abs)
DAY 18 Squat Challenge 155reg Squats & 115 Plié Squats
Day 7 AB Challenge phase 1

Wednesday- Jamie Eason Day 59 (Chest, Shoulders &Abs)
Day 8 AB Challenge-Rest
DAY 19 Squat Challenge  160reg Squats & 120 Plié Squats

Thursday- I had my Southern Grace Party this day and I only did my AB Challenge this day 
Jamie Eason Day 60 (Hamstrings, Glutes & Abs) 
Day 9 AB Challenge phase 1
DAY 20 Squat Challenge REST

Friday-Jamie Eason Day 61 (Back, Biceps & Abs)
Day 10 AB Challenge phase 1
DAY 21 Squat Challenge 180reg Squats & 130 Plié Squats

Saturday- Jamie Eason Day 62 (Shoulders, Triceps, Calves) 
Day 11 AB Challenge Phase 1
DAY 22 Squat Challenge 185reg Squats and 105 Plié Squats

Sunday- Nothing - That's right I did absolutely NOTHING. 
It was Mother's Day and I'm not gonna lie it felt good!

Now today we move into
Phase 2 of the AB Challenge

Here are my pic descriptions of the new exercises

HARD COUNT means count as 1,1,2,2,3,3 so on...

STARFISH Arms & Legs slightly off ground
Bring everything in at same time then back out for 1
In/Out Arms and Legs slightly off ground
Crunch in and out at same time
Knee Touches- Well crunch over and touch your knee (pretty self explanatory)
Angry Penguins (although I am changing the name to Angry Robot)
This one you go from side to side without relaxing in the middle
Ok ladies! Time to rock out these ABs!! Summer is almost here!

Don't forget to head over the SkinnyMeg's Workout Wednesday postand Link Up!! She has an awesome Inner Thigh Workout

Oh and she surprised me with "Me" being her shout out for the week!! What a stinkin' sweetie!!

Lots a love SkinnyMeg, lots of love :)


  1. Round two looks harder. ;) Just.Keep.Going. Thanks for this challenge, I really needed this. I had my son a year ago and haven't done much toning. And no, the plank did NOT get easier at all in round one!

    1. yes it does look harder but Thank goodness for shorter planks! LOL Those things are killer!

  2. Looks like an ab killer, can't wait to try it.
    ps love the shorts!

    1. Yes it is!! I hope you like it and I love my shorts too!! $9.98 on clearance at Academy Sports...SCORE!!! :)

      PS I never would have had the guts to wear spandex 3 months ago ;)

  3. Thank you for the how-to pictures.. very helpful!

    -- Emily @