Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jamie Eason Week 1&2

Here is the at home conversions I did for Jamie Easons LiveFit 12 week Workout Program.

During this first month my workout equipment consisted of:

5lb Dumbbells
8lb Dumbbells
15lb Dumbbells
20lb Kettlebell
A Step
Over the door Pull Up Bar
Exercise Ball

All exercises are 3 sets of 12

Day 1 & 8 CHEST & TRICEPS:

*Wide Push Ups
*Dumbbell Bench Press
*Jump Push Ups
*Narrow Push Ups
*Standing Dumbbell Tricep Extensions
*Tricep Push Downs


* Pull Ups
*Bent Over Two-Dumbbell Row w/palms up
*Bent Over Two Arm-One Dumbbel Row
*Chin Ups
*Alternating Bicep Curls
*One Arm Preacher Curls
*Together Bicep Curls


* Jump Rope 3Times for 30seconds each
*Kettle Bell Pistol Squats (could use a single dumbbell)
*Wide Stance Barbell Squat
*Standing Calf Raises
*Rocking Standing Calf Raises


* Seated Dumbbell Press
*Standing Dumbbell Straight-Arm Front Delt Raise to A "T"
* Side Lateral Raises
* Seated Bent Over Rear Delt Raises
* Exercise Ball Crunch
* Air Bike

DAYS 5-7 & 12-14 are REST...enjoy them :)

Be sure to check out her website for pictures, how to's, meal plans and great information videos here!!

Be Back Soon with Weeks 3 & 4 at home conversion 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

Well today is the end of our Office Biggest Loser contest. I am super proud of the winner. In my 3 years of working here I have never known her to attempt a diet and she has roughly stayed the same size. 208 was her starting weight and her ending weight is 188! 9.6% weightloss! She makes me so proud!!

Although I did not win I am very proud of how far I have come. Especially since the first few weeks I couldn't get my crap together and would bounce back and forth. Really hoping that this time I do a must better job at maintaining.

Today I weighed in at:

Yeah so I took the picture sideways so it would come out correctly...<insert rolling eyes>

I am so close to my goal weight but I think I want to push it out a bit more. My new goal weight is 128! That is 9 more lbs. I think if I can get to that then I will be perfectly content, well if it is possible to be perfectly content with your body as a woman.

I also shared this sneak peek to my awesome MamaLaughlin Fit Camp ladies last night. I will be doing full body pics and measurement this Sunday as I end Jamie Eason Phase 1 so look for that next week!
Yeah baby look at that itty bitty bicep there

I keep informing my BFF that she needs to get a new phone because I want to send her pics of my biceps...she would appreciate them I am sure! I might even have a "Buy Melissa a new Phone" fundraiser...seriously I need someone to text these guns too!!

Alrighty well I am done rambling for the day! But while you're here go check out this dudes awesome blog! Not many men in the blogging world and I totes forgot to give him credit yesterday during the Finish This Sentence Link Up!! MEET JAKE HERE

Happy HUMP Day Ya'll!! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finish this....

WHAT? TWO post in 1 day! OH MY! I must be on FI-YA!

So as I slowly get more into the whole blogging world I am begining to make new friends. Holly, Mama and SkinnyMegs are my BFF's...they just don't know it yet. So I guess they are my PBBF's <Pretend Best Bloggin Friends> of course! We all chat it up during the day about the blogging world and how awful Blissdom was (I was there...well my dreams were anyways).

We really do have a special bond! ;)

Anywho over on Hollys blog today is this nifty little link up that I thought I would participate in!

Here We Go...

1. If calories didn't count, I would eat... an entire cheesecake and not just any cheesecake White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory....great now my mouth is watering. What type of question is that? Getcha wanting the one thing you can't hace? WTC?? 

2. On my Prom night.... I danced my little heart out...then went to Wal-Mart bought chicken liver and went catfishing! Heck yeah that's how we roll in WV!

3. When I go to the store, I always buy... What's on my list...if it isn't on the list then it doesn't get bought. Seriously the hubs can call me and ask me to grab something and if I do not stop and write it on the list I will forget it

4. Family functions typically... Go really well, we're lovers not haters

5. I think my blog readers... I KNOW my blog readers are my biggest cheerleaders! They are reading this because we have a common bond, whether it's weightloss, a giving heart, trying to be more Christ like or just plain crazy. They are my peeps!

6. I'd much rather be..... laying in the sun getting my Vitamin D on than sitting here working BLEH

7. I have an obsession with.... instagram, coach purses and lookin at my butt...yep now that it is getting all fit and firm I'm pretty sure I could model VS underwear. It looks rather nice in them now! Sorry no pics friends... :/

8. My work friends.... are great...that's it they really are a great group of ladies! I love each of them dearly!

9. When I created my Facebook account.... I spent too much time stalking old BF's and old rivals...oh don't act like I'm the only know you were just searching your old bf and comparing yourself to that chicka he's with now...

10. My least favorite word is... the "C" word, I can't even stand to type it...Calorie. Such an awful word choice.Why couldn't they call them "Lovies". I might not feel bad if there was a only 1100 lovies in the cheesecake. See doesn't that make ya wanna take a bite?

11. I really don't remember.... half of what I am supposed to be doing most of the time and that's a fact Jack! 

12. Justin Bieber.... I would prob want your body if I was 12 again however I have made it my lifes mission to never let my daughter get "Bieber Fever" because that just sounds like a terrible disease! 

That's it for the link up today! Keep watch on my IG for Day 23 of Jamie Easons Workout Program at home conversion! 


The 411 of Me

So I have quite a few new followers and I am extremely grateful for each one of you! You coming back is what keeps this blog alive!

I thought since most of you now do not know me I would give you a short version of me, Past, Present & Future.

Here We Go:


Born & Raised in good ole' West Virginia (the state, not the western part of Virginia). I grew up in Bolt, WV. Hometown of Little Jimmy Dickens, swear to it! There is a sign as you are entering Bolt!

Very small town, everyone knew everyone, everyone knew everyone's business, everyone told on everyone.

My parents are still happily married and love each other very much. I am inspired to have a relationship like theirs. There was def ups and downs growing up but at the end of the night it all came back to God, Each Other and Us.

The "US" was my younger brother and me. Believe it or not, we didn't fight!! Yep never had one knock down drag out fight. Would we argue some? Yes. Would we get on each others nerves some? Yes. But when it came down to it we loved each other very much and are still close to this day.

*INSERT NOTE* I contribute part of us not fighting to my mother who would terrify us when we would argue by saying "You don't know what God plan is and people die everyday, wouldn't you feel awful if something happened to your brother/sister and the last thing you were doing was fighting?" Oh yeah, she'd totally scare the crap out of me making me think he might die. But it worked and honestly even with my own children I want them to know how precious life is and how we should never take a single moment for granted!

I grew up with a close set of friends, had a steady bf throughout high school, was engaged as a senior. Didn't end up getting married but those 4 yrs taught me a few valuable lessons that I will pass on to my daughter one day. Ex) Do not settle down in High School, enjoy your friends, enjoy the football games, enjoy many dates with many different guys and NEVER rush into anything. Regret Sucks...period.

Started college early, was the youngest in my class, picked ultrasound school because it was the thing I could be done with the fastest.

Met my *now hubby* at WVU on a party fun weekend. Turns out he was my very first crush (he also grew up in Bolt, WV) when I was 7. He lived beside my cousin and I used to go over there hoping to get a glimpse of "Punkin". Yes his nickname given to him by his GP was Punkin, Punkin is all I will ever call him and even though now we live in TN, he still can't get away from it.

We spent a lot of time talking that night, and over the next few months our friendship grew into a very strong connection and love. I knew I wanted to marry this man 4 months into the relationship. The rest of the *LOVE STORY* soon to come.

We moved to Sevierville, TN. Got married 4 months later, I worked for 5 years at the very best High Risk Obstetrics Group around and now am the Lead Sonographer at an OB/GYN Group in Knoxville, TN.

Bought a house, had two babies and started a blog!

That was my past.


I just L.O.V.E. watching my babies grow, watching my husband grow into the Godly man he is becoming and figuring out what the next step God would have me take for him.


I'm not real sure what the future will hold. I am hoping to build a home, go to Africa to meet my David (you can read about David here), start another blog <ideas in process> but as long as I am following God's will for my life I know that it will all work out for his glory!

Hope you enjoyed the condenses version of "ME". All I am in just another christian women searching for a heart like God's!


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Monday, March 25, 2013

About to get my Cleanse On

Well I am beginning the last week in Phase 1 of the Jamie Eason 12 week program.

Last week was definitely tougher than the first two and it has me a little nervous for what is it come in Phase 2 but one thing is for sure...I CAN see a difference.

I know I keep saying I am going to give you update pics but I keep changing my mind!

Soon....I promise...very soon

I order my Advocare10 Day Cleanse yesterday. I will be starting it April 1st, the same day I start Phase 2. That could make for a long 10 days!

I will be updating on IG my meals on the Cleanse and will be giving Pre & Post pics, measurements and weight.

This past Friday I pushed myself a bit harder but man did it feel good in the end! 8 miles!! WOO WOO!!

I'm trying to stay on flat surface for right now until I build up a little more endurance for the long runs. I believe I will stay the same this weekend and bust out another 8. I still have not registered for a half yet so I don't want to rush myself and then get bored. I have a tendency to do that. After about 6 weeks I am "over" whatever it is I am doing at that point, unless its stuffing my face full of awful food...I can do that for a lot longer than 6 weeks.

Yet that is why I am here now...tsk tsk

Kinley had his first soccer game of the season on Saturday morning and I am so proud of him!! They do not keep score but....Turtle Won 7-3 and Kinley scored 3 GOALS!! YAY! The main thing is that he has fun and all the kiddos did fantastic but my little man was turning on the heat!

His daddy was so proud. The man who NEVER updates his facebook status and within an hour of the game he had updated it! I love it!

After the game my bestie and I made a trip to WV to do a ThirtyOne party for my momma! Just a girls night with no kiddos and it was fun! Shopping and no husbands or children to worry about...that's like a little piece of heaven!

The trip home on Sunday got a little hairy when it started pouring the snow and people were in the ditch but I practice my self speech "Slow and Steady wins the Race" and we made it just fine!

Night of Praise on Sunday night at church was a blessing then I got to relax and watch some walkers with my hubs.

All in all a perfect weekend!

Now ready to get this week started and start prepping myself for the cleanse.

Have you ever done the Cleanse? Do you have any favorite cleanse recipes? Please share!!

Happy Monday and don't forget to tune into my IG for the Day 22 Jamie Eason LEGS Conversion!! @sweetsouthernmel


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Runners Dread

Ok so I dread running. Each and everyday that passes I get more anxious about the run coming up. 

Why do I do this? I enjoy the actual run. It doesn't hurt...not too terrible anyhow.

It's just my mind. My mind works against me. In the end I know how great I will feel. I look forward to that overwhelming pride and thankfulness that God gave me the strength to push through and go further than I ever have. 

Does any other runners suffer from "Runners Dread"? That is what I am naming runners dread.

Oh well I will pray and push through. 

"I can do all things through Him who gives me strength"  Philippians 4:13

I'm on day 18 of Jamie Easons 12 Week Program however I am thinking I'm going to flip flop day 18 & 19. Today is legs and let me tell ya after I finished legs on Monday I walked around bow legged for 2 days. My booty was on fire!! 

I'm not so sure that I should do legs tonight with my long run coming up tomorrow so I think I will do Shoulder & Abs tonight and Legs tomorrow night...that is if I can still feel my legs after my run!

YES I KNOW THESE PICTURES SUCK!!! FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM for the clear pictures!! @sweetsouthernmel

So I have been brainstorming some ideas for future blog posts. What would you all like to read about? More product reviews? More mommyhood stuff? Working mommyhood stuff? Etc?? 

I am going to be doing a big post here soon on a Ministry/Christian School/Orphanage in Africa that I work closely with so be watching for that soon! I'd love to see people come out and make this ministry as big as Operation Shoe Box. All it takes is some dedicated people willing to let their love reach around the world!

Leave me some love and let me know what you all are interested in!!



Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday & Jamie Eason Day 17

Well I'm up and down....

Pre Scale...I was a little excited but then let down too

How does that happen you ask? 

Well, Wednesdays are my weigh in days. I prefer Wednesday because if I am bad over the weekend it doesn't start my Monday off terrible when I see a gain and it gives me 2 days to get it all back together.

I was bad over the weekend, cookie cake, Red Lobster Cheese Biscuits, Brownie Fudge Mountain and Homemade biscuits and gravy. Yep I classify that as bad.

Well Monday I couldn't stand it.

I had to get on the scales to see how much damage was done.

Much to my surprise I had lost .6lb! WOWZA

 Well today my weight was this...

Blasted sideways picture

So it is down .4lb from last week but up .2 from Monday! 

I should be happy, last week I said I wanted to just "stay the same" because I knew I was going to be bad through the weekend but man does it stink to see 141. I want to be in the 130's so bad I can taste it! 

So plans for the week are:

  • Another Long run this weekend <pushing for 8 miles> and I guess I should pick me out a half marathon since I'm getting closer to being able to do that

  • Eat more veggies, less fruit

  • Increase my water intake to atleast 80oz but try for 100oz. This will probably be the most challenging for me

Goal is to see 130-something next week!! 

Today is Day 17 of the JE12WP 

Here is the at home workout for the day!  

OK That is AWFUL! I don't know why those picture turn out so TERRIBLE

I will list them out for you here:
Day 17
Wide Push Ups
Incline Dunbell Press
Flat Bench Flyes
Decline Flyes
Bench Dips
Lying EX-Bar Triceps Extensions
Dumbell Tricep Extensions
Overhead Two Handed Tricep Extension
Reverse Grip Tricep Pushdowns

Do 3 set of 10 for each one with 1min rest between

Follow me on Instagram where I post each day! (and the pictures aren't blurry)!



Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Recipe Time- Paleo Style

So I am not a cook.

I do not like to cook.

Our food used to come from a box or one of the recipes I have memorized from growing up. Ex) Meatloaf, Beef Veggie Soup, Pinto Beans, etc...

On the other hand, I LOVE to bake.

I like to make anything from homemade cookies to Banana Split Cake!!

Dislike Cooking - Love Baking...not a good combo for this Paleo Bound lady.

But this weekend I threw my own little concoction together and it turned out pretty well! It was very basic but yummy! Also there might be a recipe out there like this however know that I did not look at any recipes but just used what I had at home!

Almond Crusted Pork Chops

4- 3/4in sliced pork tenderloin or chops
Dijon Mustard
1cup of Almond Flour
Coconut Oil

Preheat oven 375

Grease glass baking dish with a little coconut oil

Combine Almond Flour, Salt and Pepper on 
a plate

Put a dab of Dijion mustard on one side of the pork and brush all over 
place mustard side down in the flour mixture then put another dab of mustard on the top side and repeat

Once both sides are covered with flour place in a glass baking dish

Repeat with all pork chops 

Put in oven and back for 20-25min

That is it! Super Simple, Super Quick and if you are doing Paleo you should have everything on hand! These were a winner for my whole family!

As a combine side I sautee'd some veggies in Coconut Oil(prob about 2tbls) and 3 cloves of garlic. Put the lid on and let them delicious!! 
A combination of broccoli, cauliflower, sweet peppers, onion, mushrooms and the garlic is so very yummy! I highly recommend it! 

One more recipe but I can't take credit for this one.

This is from my dear friend Melissa. She make the best guacamole around. I could sit down and eat the entire bowl myself!  


2 Soft Avocados
2 Roma Tomatoes
1/2-1tsp Garlic Salt
1/2-3/4tsp Ground Cumin

Mush Avocados with a fork, dice up tomatoes mix together in a bowl. Add Garlic salt and ground cumin, mix well and taste. If there is not enough flavor add more garlic salt!! 

That is it! 

Seriously its the best stuff EVAAA!!

I busted out Jamie Eason's Day 15 yesterday and my booty is a burning! Whew...this week is going to be brutal! 

Here is Today, Day 16, at home workout!

I don't know why it's blurry, follow me on Instagram for a clearer pic

I hope you ladies are busting it with me! I can start to see a difference in my body and I'm very excited about the changes to come! 



Monday, March 18, 2013

Birthday Weekend Recap, My 7Miler & A Winner

Good Monday morning ya'll!! I am NOT normally this chipper, especially on Monday mornings but I have to say that I had one of the very best weekends I have had in a long time.


Friday was my birthday, I love birthdays, I love waking up to bunches of FB birthday messages, getting calls and texts all day long, eating a ginormous cookie cake and being ok with it. It is my day and lets face it, if you have children there aren't many days that are just "Yours". So I love when my birthday rolls around.

Sweet card from my baby boy!

After waking up and getting ready to start the day with my longest run yet my little man comes to tell me, "Mommy, it's your birthday". His daddy wasn't home so this tells me that he remembered all on his own. That was the most precious gift I received. Then he proceeds to say "Go look in the kitchen, I got you flowers". LOL Second most precious gift of the day!

I'm so aggitated that my pictures won't turn...anyone able to help me with this??

I got us all ready, gave the kiddos cookie cake for breakfast (hey it's my birthday I can do what I want), took Kinley to school and Lanie to the sitter.

She loved the cookie cake...can ya tell?

I had 2hrs before my hair appointment so there was no time to procrastinate. I had to get on this run.

     7 Mile RECAP:  

Rocking my H-O Band!
     Mile 1- I feel great, the sun is out, it's the most beautiful morning for a run. Phone keeps dinging with texts, prob birthday wishes, I'll check them when I get done.

     Mile 2 - I still feel awesome! These new shoes rock! I have running to the most beautiful view, The Great Smokey Mountains, Oh how I love running this road but wait I'm slightly going downhill...aww crap this means I'm going to have to climb this hill on my way back! Oh no, dread is rising!

     Mile 3 - I should be getting close to my halfway point, I wonder if Starbucks is the halfway point, maybe I should stop for a quick coffee, would they let me charge it, wait I can't run and carry a coffee. Maybe I'll just go back down there after I complete my run.

     3.5 - HALF WAY THERE!! Turn around now!

     Mile 4 - Oh my the wind is blowing against me now. I have faith bigger than a mustard seed, God please make this wind stop! Oh it stopped, thank you thank you thank you!

     Mile 5- My leg hurts, my hip hurts, now it's better, oh great now my leg hurts again. I'm getting closer, I actually don't feel that bad.

     Mile 6 - Someone just honked at's about time, I'm sure I look like a hot mess about right now. Oh look at that bird, I must be getting bored. I'm getting really thirsty and I gotta pee! I can't wait to see who all has been texting me!

     Mile 7 - This is it, gotta speed up a bit. YOU CAN DO IT!!

I don't know why is shows 0 cal. It has 800+ on there now....

Yep that was it. I know I had a bunch more thought go through my head but my memory left me when I pushed baby #2 out. It was a wonderful run and I am honestly just so proud of myself for completely it!

After my run I went to my fantastic hair lady and let her fix me up! I went a bit lighter, something I haven't done for about 2 years but I figured it was time. She does a fantastic job and I came out rocking some lighter curls!

I relaxed in a bubble bath and got caught up on Red Widow then went and picked up pizza and my kiddos!

We had a fantastic evening playing outside and just enjoying being together. Sometimes the best times come from those where you do nothing!

My birthday continued on to the next day where the hubs let me sleep til 8! WOO WOO, then he took me shopping to spend my birthday money <yes I still get birthday cards and money from my mommy, daddy and mil>. We came home and he had me pack for an overnight romantic getaway! YAY!! My bestie was keeping the kiddos and he was taking me to Mountain Harbor Inn, a place I have been dying to go for the past 2 months. The best part is that is was only about 40min from our home!

We stayed in the Plantation Suite which is one of the smaller room but it was so nice! Chocolates on the pillows, they brought us our own S'mores making kit and lit the outdoor firepit for us. We had a delicious homemade Hot Fudge Brownie Ice cream dessert and it was to die for! Really you prob would OD on sugar if you could finish it. The hubs and I couldn't, oh but how I wanted to!

Diabetes on a plate

It really was the perfect night, my wonderful hubs, a bottle of the best wine around, a great book and a fire under the stars. It was the perfect evening! If you are looking for a place to retreat for the weekend I highly recommend you visit Mountain Harbor Inn! Their special runs through May 1st so check it out!

My favorite part of the evening

Another crooked picture but you get the point, a beautiful view from our room! All room have this view!

Me at dinner...I was feel particularly skinny that day...I think it was the run the day before 
He's so handsome...even if he's sideways!

Sunday we woke up and had a full on homemade breakfast, went and got stuff for the kiddos Celebration baskets (not easter baskets in our home but celebration baskets to celebrate the risen King), then went home to our babies! Yesterday was spent outside enjoying the weather, cleaning up the deck and visiting with the neighbors and our friends!

As I got in bed last night I could help but thank God for blessing me with such a man that would do everything in his power to give me the most memorable birthday weekend ever.

All in all I had an awesome weekend! I hope your was the same!!

Oh and I guess it's time to announce the winner of the HankOrange Headband Giveaway! Even if you didn't win head on over and get you one of these headbands right now! She just added 3 more CHEVRON PRINTS to pick from!! I've got two more on the way! I promise you won't be disappointed!! :-)

The winner has 24hours to contact me with your address otherwise a new winner will be chosen!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Monday Ya'll!!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wed...THURSDAY Weigh-In

Good morning all!

So I was MIA yesterday for a very good reason...I was having my second round of the Stomach Flu. BLEH I'll spare you details!

Before we get to the weigh in though I have to document that my little Laniebug has went pee pee in the potty 5 times in the past 4 days!! YAY!! I'm not getting my hopes up because she is still so little and young (19months) but she has been waking up dry so I put her on the potty first thing and she goes! Then if we catch her after lunch or nap she will go too. She is still peeing in her diaper throughout the day and I honestly don't know when she is peeing, she does nothing different which is why I'm not getting my hopes up! I would love for her to be trained by vacation in July but again...not holding my breathe!

*My Big Girl*
She didn't actually pee this time but we were too busy doing a potty dance.

Side note- if I drop one more blueberry while I type this post I'm gonna scream- more blueberries have made it to the ground than my tum tum!

Ok now on with business. The scale was not my friend this week but that is O.K. I am not going to let it get me down. I can tell a huge difference in how my clothes are fitting and I am starting to see a little difference in the mirror.
Darn Picture still won't turn!

One month comparison pics to come next week.

For Reals that was Delicious!
I also wasn't as good this past week as I could have been. I had 2 nights of "Non-Paleo" and it wasn't like I just ate a piece of pizza...more like 2 pieces of cheesecake it was gluten free that counts right?) a bunch of deli rolls Friday night. Monday night was the finale of The Bachelor. This was enough reason for me to stop and get sushi on my way home that I covered in Soy Sauce then topped off with cheese dip, chips and yet the dern mini cupcakes.

With all that I know that is why the scale went up but only 1lb. I'm determined to hit the 130's in the next two weeks. I would love to think that I will next Wednesday however being that tomorrow is my birthday and I ALWAYS get a Great American Cookie Cake on my birthday so I doubt I'll drop. However my goal for the week is to "STAY THE SAME". If I stay and not gain I'll be pleased.

JE12WP  <Day 11 here> is going good. It is a good workout but at times I feel like I am not doing enough. I'll finish up and feel like I need to add some abs or something else. I know this will all come in full force in months 2&3 but right now it's hard for me to ~Only Do Todays WorkOut~ but I am trying to contain myself. I am still running and hoping planning on getting 6 miles in tomorrow!

Gearing up for my 2mile run in my new shoes! Seriously I L.O.V.E. my headband!

No better way to welcome year 29 (count down to 30 has already began 366 days) then with a 6 mile run and a appt with my fantabulous hair lady and friend!

Oh and I'll be rocking that 6 miles with my awesome Chevron Headband from HankOrange!

I'm giving one away this week so be sure to head on over and enter the contest here!!

Happy Thursday Friends!! 


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

HankOrange Headband Giveaway

Good Morning all my peeps!!

Before we get to the fun stuff, today is Day 9 of Jamie Easons 12 Week Program and here is my home modification list. Same as last Tuesday! Get to it ladies!

O.K. Now onto the FUN stuff!

I'm happy to say I've made a new friend! Amy over at HankOrange is now my friend and headband guru!

I have a mane on my head, seriously I have to have it thinned out every month because it grows like bamboo! I love my hair long but man does it put a damper on my workout at times. There is nothing I dislike more that having to try to run and put my hair back up because it's falling down and getting all up in my face.

Well during my search for the perfect headband I found HankOrange on Etsy. While I was still a little skeptical about it taming my mane, Amy so graciously sent me one to try out for myself. Saturday I received my H-O Band...oh my I think I just came up with my new headband nick name. LOL I'm still laughing to myself, I totally wasn't thinking about it being a "H-O" Band! Love it!

Ok now where were we? Oh yeah I opened it up and put that puppy on. Then I wore it around all day while working our yard sale, yep I was totally stylin' at my yard sale!

After the yard sale I decided to put this baby to the ultimate test. A 5 mile run with hair that is desperately in need of being thinned!

Wow that picture sucks Let's Try another one!
I took the Glam Photos for you Pre & Post Run...


ARRGGHHH Why won't my pictures turn??? Ok you get the drift. Follow my on Instagram and you won't have to worry about sideways pictures! @sweetsouthernmel

Post Run

Did you see that? It didn't move!! Not even once!! It was wonderful! My hair looked the same the whole run and I wasn't wasting energy thinking about how I was going to have to fix my hair, and how it was driving me crazy and how if that dang headband falls off one more time I'm throwing it in the ditch!

Anywho, not only did she send me one but she sent one for one of you Lucky Ladies!!

Oh and did I mention that it is in this ADORABLE grey and White Chevron Print?? Yep I wore it on Sunday as well! Workout or no workout its cute either way!

Oh and if you are like me and want multiples of these CUTE H-O Bands head on over to HankOrange Etsy shop. There is a bunch of different prints to pick from! Plus she is giving all my readers 15% off  any purchase while this contest is going on with the coupon code SouthernMel

Contest will end at midnight on Monday the 18th!

Be sure to enter using the Rafflecopter below! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway 
Good Luck Ya'll!


Monday, March 11, 2013

Run and Not Grow Weary

"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint"
Isaiah 40:31

When I went out for my evening run I planned on knocking out 4miles and bring done...but God had other plans for me. About 1.5miles in I felt wonderful. Not tired, not hurting just absolutely enjoying the run. That's when I decided to up it to 5m. I haven't ran over 3 in a year so even the 4 was scary for me but 5 I knew would come with a few obstacles. This was my first run outside since January so I was doing hills and pavement. Quite a bit different from the treadmill.

I just kept telling myself "Slow and Steady wins the Race", pretty sure I repeated that to myself about 200times but I kept going.

Halfway through when I'm coming back up the last "big" hill before my return home "Run" by Addison Road comes on.

Run just as fast as you can
Run, 'til you reach the end
Where the fallen finally land
And your world starts over again

Next page, new day, finding my way
Stumble upon the strength to move on
I am not alone in this great big world
And you are not alone in this great big world

My heart melts.

At this point I realize this is not a test of my strength alone but of my faith in God to help me through any obstacle I come upon.

These words went through my ears and straight to my soul. They helped open my eyes to the one who wanted me to enjoy this run. The one who gives me strength everyday to stand strong for what I believe  Who asks that I take care of this body that he gave me.

He is the reason I run.

As I come upon mile 4 my knees start hurting but I don't let that stop me or slow me down. I start to pray asking God to help me continue this run. Build me up so that when small hurts come I can keep going at the same pace in the same direction.

Toward to kingdom of Heaven.

That 5 mile run on Saturday was more then just a run. It was an eye opener for where my heart should be pointed at all times. Even on an afternoon run!

This past run I listened to Keri Jobe Radio on Pandora. I have been listening to it for some time now so I have it tweeked pretty good so there wasn't a song on Saturday I heard that I wasn't singing right along with! Well singing in my head because if I tried to sing and run that probably would have resulted in me out of breath and ditch bound!

I don't have that type of stamina yet!

I had planned on taking 4 week pictures for you all yesterday but I had a stomach flair up which resulted in a majorly bloated stomach with lots of pain. Still not sure what is causing these but it is awful when it happens!

Maybe I can get them done tonight, I'll try.

Today starts week 2 of JE12WP for me and I am pumped to get on it. I haven't lifted for 3 days and I am missing it! Remind me in 2 months when I am complaining about lifting 6days a week that at one point I did "Miss Lifting".
Here is the link to the Printable Page for Day 8!! These can be done at home and if you need some modifications be sure to check out the website!

Saturday I also received a sweet gift in the mail! This A.W.E. some (it's awesome, it's awesome..Totally)-if you were every once a cheerleader you will now be saying that cheer in your head- Grey and White Chevron Headband from HankOrange. She was so stinkin' sweet to send me one to see if it would hold my 10lbs of wild hair out of my face.

Guess what?!

You'll have to wait til tomorrow for the Review but I promise you are not going to want to miss it!! I might just be giving one away too...  ;)

If you need a song to lift you up and help you get motivated to "kick" that voice in your head telling you that you can't try this one.

Hello, My Name is Regret...We have all felt this right??

It's Amazing!!

Come Back tomorrow for the big HankOrange Headband Review and GIVEAWAY!! You won't be disappointed I promise!!



Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday & JE12WP

We are coming close to the end of the Biggest Loser FSOB/GYN Edition. This week is week 9 so there is only 3 weeks left!

In the beginning after the second week of not being able to get motivated I had basically threw in the towel. I was done, nothing was changing and I was just plainly tired of it all.

Then I went on vacation and realized that I didn't want to hide behind the one whole piece bathing suit I had any longer.

A week later there she was, in all her skinny glory telling me "You can do this", "Just try it", "I promise it's not as hard at you think".

Well thank you "M" for being there and giving me that push I needed! You believed I could do it and didn't give up on me...even when I told you "Girl You are Crazy...I can't give up my milk!"

TRUE BFF's help each other get skinny uh Healthy DUH

So with all that said, I have been doing Paleo for roughly 3 weeks. I'm still at about 80% (yes I did eat a small yeast roll with my dinner last night) and I am getting back into a normal routine for working out but I can tell a HUGE difference all the way around.

It's what's for Dinner...last night

My workout routine for the past week looked like this:

Wednesday: Ran 1 mile
Thursday: No Workout
Friday: Ran 1.5mile in 14:55
Saturday: Ran 2.5miles
Monday: JE12WP Day 1
Tuesday: JE12WP Day 2  & 2 mile run

**I am having to do the JE12WP at my home and I have a pull up bar and free weights that I use. I went through for Day 2&3 and created these alternative exercise list. This is if you need to stay home to do the workout she lists these on her site. I didn't make this stuff up, it's all there just trying to take some of the work out of it for ya!**

I'm so excited to say that I had another AWESOME weightloss this week! When I stepped on the scales 3 weeks ago right after my vaca I weighed in at 150lbs. The highest I had been without being pregnant.


I don't understand why I can't get these pictures to turn right! ARGH!

I can't explain my excitement. Yes I was sick for one of those days but even with being sick I held my self accountable and didn't let it slow my drive!

I'm finally getting there!

10more lbs to go to be at my GOAL weight but I also want to tone up A.L.O.T. Maybe I'll be bikini ready by June :-)

Last night to help myself out I did my meal planning for the rest of the week. My parents are coming in town and I know if I don't have a plan then I will end up eating junk all weekend long and since they are trying to get healthy I really don't want to push them back 3 steps in their journey.

Here is a look at my menu:

Also don't you L.O.V.E. the hot mess my hair is after I workout? Seriously trying to tame this mane is next to impossible! But...maybe I have something coming to help me...and maybe I have something coming for one of you all?? :-) Stay Tune to See!!

Getcha Hump Day on Ya'll!!!