Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wed...THURSDAY Weigh-In

Good morning all!

So I was MIA yesterday for a very good reason...I was having my second round of the Stomach Flu. BLEH I'll spare you details!

Before we get to the weigh in though I have to document that my little Laniebug has went pee pee in the potty 5 times in the past 4 days!! YAY!! I'm not getting my hopes up because she is still so little and young (19months) but she has been waking up dry so I put her on the potty first thing and she goes! Then if we catch her after lunch or nap she will go too. She is still peeing in her diaper throughout the day and I honestly don't know when she is peeing, she does nothing different which is why I'm not getting my hopes up! I would love for her to be trained by vacation in July but again...not holding my breathe!

*My Big Girl*
She didn't actually pee this time but we were too busy doing a potty dance.

Side note- if I drop one more blueberry while I type this post I'm gonna scream- more blueberries have made it to the ground than my tum tum!

Ok now on with business. The scale was not my friend this week but that is O.K. I am not going to let it get me down. I can tell a huge difference in how my clothes are fitting and I am starting to see a little difference in the mirror.
Darn Picture still won't turn!

One month comparison pics to come next week.

For Reals that was Delicious!
I also wasn't as good this past week as I could have been. I had 2 nights of "Non-Paleo" and it wasn't like I just ate a piece of pizza...more like 2 pieces of cheesecake it was gluten free that counts right?) a bunch of deli rolls Friday night. Monday night was the finale of The Bachelor. This was enough reason for me to stop and get sushi on my way home that I covered in Soy Sauce then topped off with cheese dip, chips and yet the dern mini cupcakes.

With all that I know that is why the scale went up but only 1lb. I'm determined to hit the 130's in the next two weeks. I would love to think that I will next Wednesday however being that tomorrow is my birthday and I ALWAYS get a Great American Cookie Cake on my birthday so I doubt I'll drop. However my goal for the week is to "STAY THE SAME". If I stay and not gain I'll be pleased.

JE12WP  <Day 11 here> is going good. It is a good workout but at times I feel like I am not doing enough. I'll finish up and feel like I need to add some abs or something else. I know this will all come in full force in months 2&3 but right now it's hard for me to ~Only Do Todays WorkOut~ but I am trying to contain myself. I am still running and hoping planning on getting 6 miles in tomorrow!

Gearing up for my 2mile run in my new shoes! Seriously I L.O.V.E. my headband!

No better way to welcome year 29 (count down to 30 has already began 366 days) then with a 6 mile run and a appt with my fantabulous hair lady and friend!

Oh and I'll be rocking that 6 miles with my awesome Chevron Headband from HankOrange!

I'm giving one away this week so be sure to head on over and enter the contest here!!

Happy Thursday Friends!! 



  1. It's so exciting that your daughter is using the potty! I'm struggling with my 3 year old boy right now using the potty so it's good she's starting young!

    P.S. I LOVE that chevron headband. I am def. entering that giveaway!

    1. Don't give up on that little boy!! My son was 3 1/2 before he was completely potty trained! I seriuosly thought I was going to send him to school in diapers! We tried EVERYTHING and then one day it just "clicked" for him! It will happen! Thanks for stopping by and glad you like the Headband! I'm gonna go check our your blog now :)