Tuesday, March 12, 2013

HankOrange Headband Giveaway

Good Morning all my peeps!!

Before we get to the fun stuff, today is Day 9 of Jamie Easons 12 Week Program and here is my home modification list. Same as last Tuesday! Get to it ladies!

O.K. Now onto the FUN stuff!

I'm happy to say I've made a new friend! Amy over at HankOrange is now my friend and headband guru!

I have a mane on my head, seriously I have to have it thinned out every month because it grows like bamboo! I love my hair long but man does it put a damper on my workout at times. There is nothing I dislike more that having to try to run and put my hair back up because it's falling down and getting all up in my face.

Well during my search for the perfect headband I found HankOrange on Etsy. While I was still a little skeptical about it taming my mane, Amy so graciously sent me one to try out for myself. Saturday I received my H-O Band...oh my I think I just came up with my new headband nick name. LOL I'm still laughing to myself, I totally wasn't thinking about it being a "H-O" Band! Love it!

Ok now where were we? Oh yeah I opened it up and put that puppy on. Then I wore it around all day while working our yard sale, yep I was totally stylin' at my yard sale!

After the yard sale I decided to put this baby to the ultimate test. A 5 mile run with hair that is desperately in need of being thinned!

Wow that picture sucks Let's Try another one!
I took the Glam Photos for you Pre & Post Run...


ARRGGHHH Why won't my pictures turn??? Ok you get the drift. Follow my on Instagram and you won't have to worry about sideways pictures! @sweetsouthernmel

Post Run

Did you see that? It didn't move!! Not even once!! It was wonderful! My hair looked the same the whole run and I wasn't wasting energy thinking about how I was going to have to fix my hair, and how it was driving me crazy and how if that dang headband falls off one more time I'm throwing it in the ditch!

Anywho, not only did she send me one but she sent one for one of you Lucky Ladies!!

Oh and did I mention that it is in this ADORABLE grey and White Chevron Print?? Yep I wore it on Sunday as well! Workout or no workout its cute either way!

Oh and if you are like me and want multiples of these CUTE H-O Bands head on over to HankOrange Etsy shop. There is a bunch of different prints to pick from! Plus she is giving all my readers 15% off  any purchase while this contest is going on with the coupon code SouthernMel

Contest will end at midnight on Monday the 18th!

Be sure to enter using the Rafflecopter below! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway 
Good Luck Ya'll!



  1. Love the Polka Dots - in any color! Did all the above except Twitter. Not venturing into that just yet!

    1. Hey Susan! I now have the rafflecopter up and running so be sure to go back and enter through it! It will pick the winner from all the entries for me! I think it was just having some down time this AM!

  2. Oooh I really like the orange and white lattice but Chevron is my favorite print!!!

  3. This one is my favorite of course =)

  4. I love the orange and white lattice print one! So cute.

  5. Chevron anything is amazing! Very cute headband.

  6. I am in love with the pink and chevron you're giving away!! I WANT IT! :)

  7. Look at that chevron! So gorgeous -- would love to try these!

    -- Emily @ runninglikeamother.com