Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday & JE12WP

We are coming close to the end of the Biggest Loser FSOB/GYN Edition. This week is week 9 so there is only 3 weeks left!

In the beginning after the second week of not being able to get motivated I had basically threw in the towel. I was done, nothing was changing and I was just plainly tired of it all.

Then I went on vacation and realized that I didn't want to hide behind the one whole piece bathing suit I had any longer.

A week later there she was, in all her skinny glory telling me "You can do this", "Just try it", "I promise it's not as hard at you think".

Well thank you "M" for being there and giving me that push I needed! You believed I could do it and didn't give up on me...even when I told you "Girl You are Crazy...I can't give up my milk!"

TRUE BFF's help each other get skinny uh Healthy DUH

So with all that said, I have been doing Paleo for roughly 3 weeks. I'm still at about 80% (yes I did eat a small yeast roll with my dinner last night) and I am getting back into a normal routine for working out but I can tell a HUGE difference all the way around.

It's what's for Dinner...last night

My workout routine for the past week looked like this:

Wednesday: Ran 1 mile
Thursday: No Workout
Friday: Ran 1.5mile in 14:55
Saturday: Ran 2.5miles
Monday: JE12WP Day 1
Tuesday: JE12WP Day 2  & 2 mile run

**I am having to do the JE12WP at my home and I have a pull up bar and free weights that I use. I went through for Day 2&3 and created these alternative exercise list. This is if you need to stay home to do the workout she lists these on her site. I didn't make this stuff up, it's all there just trying to take some of the work out of it for ya!**

I'm so excited to say that I had another AWESOME weightloss this week! When I stepped on the scales 3 weeks ago right after my vaca I weighed in at 150lbs. The highest I had been without being pregnant.


I don't understand why I can't get these pictures to turn right! ARGH!

I can't explain my excitement. Yes I was sick for one of those days but even with being sick I held my self accountable and didn't let it slow my drive!

I'm finally getting there!

10more lbs to go to be at my GOAL weight but I also want to tone up A.L.O.T. Maybe I'll be bikini ready by June :-)

Last night to help myself out I did my meal planning for the rest of the week. My parents are coming in town and I know if I don't have a plan then I will end up eating junk all weekend long and since they are trying to get healthy I really don't want to push them back 3 steps in their journey.

Here is a look at my menu:

Also don't you L.O.V.E. the hot mess my hair is after I workout? Seriously trying to tame this mane is next to impossible! But...maybe I have something coming to help me...and maybe I have something coming for one of you all?? :-) Stay Tune to See!!

Getcha Hump Day on Ya'll!!!



  1. Thanks for posting the modifications! I totally needed that. Also, do I see a Mountaineer hat on your hubs?! I am alumni :)

    1. You're welcome! It helps me stay on track at home when I don't make it to the gym! And YES, we bleed blue and gold in this house! My husband is a WVU Alumni as well and we both were born and raised in WV.