Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wednesdays Weigh-In...a day late

Well I guess only a day late is better than a week! Sorry yeseterday was just a craaaaazy day all the way around and starting to run a fever half way through the day didn't help matters any at all!

The day is finally here ---> Tomorrow

I have been planning this for a while

I have anxiously counted down the days for a month now

I'm so excited and a little nervous at the same time


Yep, Cruise time has arrived and everyone in my family is so excited that they are sick! Literally, both kids are antibiotics, I have a kidney infection and am on antibiotics, my mom has an inner ear infaction and is on antibiotics...the hubs is sick but refuses to take meds. Shew what a week!

I am ready for white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters and a nice cold Pina' Colada...I think that will heal ailments.

So on to the weigh in. I didn't make it to where I wanted to be but I did lose another pound so I'm please. Esp considering I did not run at all last week. Ugh I'm really struggling with this whole working out thing this year!

Anyways I will be MIA for the next 11days but never fear I will return!

I hope you have a great week!!


Monday, January 28, 2013

Wednesday Weigh-In & Weekend of of Wonders

Ok so it's a little late for last weeks Wednesday weigh-in but I wanted to keep you all updated.

After a 3lb weight gain the week before, I went down 2lbs. I was happy with this. I am struggling though with my exercise. I have so much going on right now that exercise just isn't a priority although I know it should be...gotta work on that.

The other reason I am behind on the post is that two Fridays ago I had a ThirtyOne party at my house. I LOVE to throw a party, even if it's just some wine and cheese, I just love a good party! So having a party and getting some free stuff sounded like an awesome plan!

Well I was hoping to hit the mid mark and end up with about $180 in free stuff. Little did I know that I would totally surpass that and be super close to getting my ENTIRE wish list for FREE!! That was over $700 worth of stuff. So for the next week I bombarded everyone I knew trying to hit the mark...and I did! WOOP WOOP!!

So yes I was very busy last week, lol.

Anyways I also started a 12week House Clean Out for Zawadi, a ministry that The Orbit Village School and Orphanage do for the children every year. Each child gets a bag with their name on it full of goodies. Everything put in those bags are donated so in order to help collect more items this year I have started the clean out Program.

If you'd like to participate, I'd love to have your help and if you live outside of driving distance my goal would be for you to fill one Medium size flat rate shipping box full of stuff then mail it to me! It would cost you around $11 but the amount of stuff you could fit in the box would bring a million dollars worth of smiles!

Here is the Challenge: (This started last week so today starts week 2)


  1.  HATS – children and adults!
  2.  LOTIONS – Any extra bath & body, Avon, or any other lotions that you have sitting around collecting dust
  3.  SOCKS – Children & Adult (without holes please)
  4.  CANDY
  6.  BOOKS – Children & Chapter books
  7.  TOYS
  10.  CLOTHES – T-Shirts, Sweaters, Jeans, etc CLEAN OUT THOSE CLOSETS
  12.  LOOSE CHANGE – It’s time to clean out the cars, couches and change jars then take your lose change and have fun shopping at the Dollar Tree for items for Zawadi
We also got the new brochures printed for Zawadi and I cannot wait to start handing them out!

Highlights from the weekend:

* I just love how much my little boogers love each other. At one point the downstairs door was open and Laniebug was trying to go down the stairs. Kinley has a death grip on her yelling in this pitiful scared voice, NO LANIE NO!! He was terrified that she would fall down the stairs! So blessed that they love each other!

* Friday night we played Kemps and Scene It with our neighbors and best friends. Seriously LOVE every one of my neighbors!

* Got to do a little Zawadi Clearance shopping at Wal-Mart. Everything I got was under .50!

* Now my favorite part of the weekend....ZAC BROWN with the love of my life!

This band is so amazingly talented. They opened the show with Metallica...ummmm YES PLEASE then if I thought it couldn't get better midway through the show they bust out some Nirvana and Aerosmith!! HELLO! I stood amazed then of course my second fave Devil went down to Georgia!

ZBB is a must see in concert band. This is the second time the hubs and I have been to see them and honestly, the next time they come back we will be seeing them again! Their show never gets old and their talent just continues to grow! 
*Sorry for the crappy phone camera pics* :-)

My fave part of the whole weekend though was just being there with my husband. In a world where marriages are falling a part all around me, people my age getting divorces like their haircuts, and people just don't care anymore. I count myself of the blessed few who's marriage is as strong as ever. 

** Now on a somewhat serious note. I just want to clarify a few things. 

First this blog is partially becoming a ministry for me. I want it to inspire others to do more of what God tells them to yet also show you that I am a real person, with real feelings. Feelings that can be hurt very easily. I use this also as somewhat of a journal. A place to pour my feelings, my struggles and my achievements into. Most of you who read this don't know me, and honestly I am thankful for that. This blog has brought some people into my life that even though they were around when I was younger, we now realize the strong connection we have. The connection that true christian sisters get when they get together and start talking about Christ. I am thankful for these new found friendships. 

Second, as it was sung in church on Sunday, "I am just a sinner, saved by grace". I fall, and sometimes I fall alot. Over the past few years as I draw closer with God and study his word more I begin to see His truths with some new light. I will have a scripture pop in my head when certain situations arise. But the one thing he has shown me more and more times is that without HIM I am nothing but with HIM I can do anything. I will stumble, I will fall but graciously by his redeeming blood I have been saved and I am forgiven. It is in those times though that I worry most that what I say here will be thrown back in my face. 

This brings me to the third and final point I'd like for you all to know. Everything that I have done in the months past, every post I make, every picture I post of items for Zawadi, any and every type of giving act done. The GLORY is to go to GOD. I never want to take the credit for what he has done through me. I am just His vessel and pray that he will use me in the ways that will glorify him the most. We all make mistakes but I do not want you all thinking that I come on here to brag about what "I" have done. I will only brag on how AWESOME MY God is and how I find it amazing that he will use a sinner like me to bring him glory! 

I pray that each one of you be inspired to live for Christ and that you will ask him to "put in front of you" the best ways they you can serve him!

Happy Monday Ya'll and don't forget to Praise God you are beginning a new week!! :)


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Weigh-In & A Blessing

OMG....I knew I had been bad but dang....3lbs?! That's a gain, not a loss.

My past week started with great work outs, running and praying (which really does make the run goes faster) a 4mile run on Saturday then Sun-Tues was filled with Dunkin Donuts, Brownies and was like I had a total relapse and forgot what the heck I was doing!

Oh well I seen it on the scale this morning and I am determined to do better next week. Maybe it's what I needed to make me realize I'm not 15 anymore and can't eat like that and expect to stay thin, even with workouts.

Ok so next week I will be back down to last week! Sorry no picture, after stepping on the scale the first time I couldn't make myself get back on it again!

I started one bible study this week, "Lies Women believe". We are only on chapter 1 but boy is it hitting home some. It is amazing how after we havve heard a lie so many times in our minds it becomes truth. Such a great study with a great group of women!

On Monday I received a HUGE blessing. At the beginning of December I sent another Christmas package to my son in Africa, David. I was starting to get discouraged when it hadn't arrived as of last week. Sometimes the packages won't make it through customs because of the corrupt nature of the government over there. I was heart broken becuase not only did this package contain clothes, a few small toys, books and a letter to him but it contained "Charlie Brown Christmas Story". Not just the book but a recordable book that I had recorded for him in my own voice. I was so excited for him to receive this. I can remember being little and dreaming about someone specific and thinking, "If only I could hear their voice". I can't imagine being in his situation and hoped that this book would help draw him closer to us.

After praying all weekend that the box wouldn't get stuck in customs I received a message from Cyndy saying Orbit has received a phone call from the post office and they had something. I prayed that it was his package and a few hours laters I received these pictures.

As I opened up the picutres I just sat here and cried.

I cried that God had heard my prayer and got my box to Orbit safely.

I cried seeing the joy on his face as he looked through the box.

I cried at seeing how cute he was wearing some of Kinleys clothes and shoes.

But then I cried because I seen him looking and listening to the story that I had recorded for him. Knowing that at that moment he was hearing my voice for the first time. At the moment when the story ends he would hear me tell him that I loved him.

I cried all these tears of joy for my son, David.
Kinley Loved seeing David in the glasses that he picked out for him!

In this moment my heart melted <3

A little later after Cyndy had posted the pictures, Edwin, the manager at Orbit, said this about David getting his box.

 "I wish you were here, you would have seen David dancing like the King David entering the palace with thanks giving in his heart."

What a blessing to hear these words.

That has been the highlight of my week. All others things, problems and troubles came to a halt on Monday afternoon when I got the message that he received our box.

To learn more about The Orbit Village Project go to
We are currently taking donations and sponsorship for Zawadi bags and you can learn more about being a part of the biggest event of the year for these kiddos at Orbit by joining the Zawadi FB Group here

Don't forget to go enter the contest going on right now for the Dream Football Outfit Giveaway

Also go over and see who you can PRAY for today!

Have a Blessed Day,

Friday, January 11, 2013

Dream Football Outfit Giveaway


That's right the winner of my little blog giveaway has been chosen!

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Email me your addy and I will send it over to my lady friend at GCH and she will get your  adorable football outfit in the mail to you!

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Who says football is only for boys?? 

Well who says football can't be cute??

Once again my fave people over at Girls Crochet Headbands have outdone themselves and are hosting another giveaway and asked me if I would participate...I said no...SIKE, are ya kidding me??!!

Have I told you lately, that I LOVE them? If not well guess what? I do, love  them and you all too which is why I'm pumped that they are giving an adorable football outfit to one of you awesome peeps!!!

Here's the dealio and keep reading because there is actually TWO giveaways!! One specific for this blog and another totally AWESOME pinterest giveaway!

Girls Crochet Headbands is bringing a little girly fun to the NFL playoffs!

Now through midnight January 25th, you can pin a dream girly football outfit from Girls Crochet Headbands for a chance to win the entire outfit.

Here’s how to enter: 

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The contest ends on Friday, January 25th, 2013 at midnight. The GCH staff will choose a winner from all the submitted boards, and the winner will receive their entire dream outfit in time for the Super Bowl!

To celebrate this fun contest, I’m hosting a fun Girls Crochet Headbands giveaway here on the blog as well!

One lucky winner will win this adorable Football Fan Package onesie and hat!

To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me who your favorite football team is. One winner will be chosen randomly on Monday, January 21st at 6 p.m. Head on over to follow Girls Crochet Headbands on Pinterest and create your Dream Football Outfit Contest board. (Or see their example board here.)

 While you’re at it, you can also follow them on Facebook or subscribe to their email newsletter so you never miss a deal.

I get emails continuously with awesome sales in them and they are email only sales so be sure you sign up because these adorable little football legwarmers and all the other legwarmers are 20% off right now with the code "legwarmers"

Also keep an eye on my facebook page because I just might be hosting a small giveaway there as well to celebrate this wonderful contest that GCH has put together!!

Much Love & Good Luck Peeps


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday Weigh-In

Ok ya'll, it's the first weigh in for our office biggest loser and I did not feel like I had lost any weight. I have monitored my portion size, made healthier choices, cut out all pop and sweets. I have also ran from 1-2miles every night except Saturday yet when I got to work this morning to weigh in I felt discouraged. I just didn't feel like I had seen a change in my body at all. Alittle depressing after what you feel to be so much work.

Begrudgingly I stepped up on the scales first thing. Mainly because I wanted to have my first cup of coffee for the morning but I wanted to weigh before I drank or ate anything.

I was shocked to see this!

WHAAAA, I lost almost 4lbs!

Remember I was 149 last Wednesday! Holy cow, that just got me pumped and excited! I felt so good to see that my hard work was paying off. It also made it 10times easier to walk by the KrispyKreme donuts that a co-worker brought in today!

A few tips of things I have changed in my eating habits this past week:

*Do NOT eat after 8pm. Instead of snacking I make myself a cup of Hot Sleepy Time Green Tea with one Sweet-N-Low and one tsp of fresh local honey. The hot tea will fill me up and keep me from craving food
*I have tried to stay under a 1500cal/day diet. Some days I was at 1200 some days I was alittle over but I tried to be sure that I burned more calories then I took in. Which is where my bodymedia band has came in handy since it measures my calories burned all day.
*98% of the time I get atleast 10,000steps/day in. Even if I have to run in place before I go to bed, I hit 10,000.

Happy Hump Day!!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year, New Me

How many of you watched The Bachelor last night?? I was totally upset to see that the first girl who got a rose turns out to be the house crazy!!

Well it was only a matter of time before I jumped back on the weightloss bandwagon.

This time last year I started training for a half marathon, then like always 6weeks into anything new I was bored so I went on to do Insanity with the hubs. Same deal after that and a month later I was done.

Well this year I am determined to stick it out!!

I wanted to share with you a little contest we do where i work at. Now mind you I work in a Dr office with 40+ women and this time each year everyone is trying to lose weight so this gets fun for us!

We call the the __(INSERT OFFICE NAME HERE)____ Biggest Loser

Each week we weigh in and pay $2 per person.

Whoever has lost the most weight, done based on percentages to make it fair, wins half the money for that week. The other half goes into a "pot".

This goes on for 12 weeks.

At the end of the 12 weeks whoever has the highest percentage of weight loss win the "Pot".

Last year I won (barely) and got like $180!! I was a fun incentive, it held me accountable but it also didn't break the bank. Just designate one person to weigh in to and let them keep the money.

If you work with a group of women trying to lose weight I suggest doing something fun like this!

Also this year our office manager has added to the pot with 4 hours of vacation time for the winner!! WOOP WOOP!!

We weigh in on Wednesday so starting this Wednesday I will post my weigh in and how I have done for the week.
I started off last week at...149!! UGGHHHH

We are headed on vaca in 4 weeks though so I gotta get to 140 by then. Hoping to say bye bye to 2lbs this week! We will see...

Don't forget to go check out the prayer post and see if there is anyone who you can say a prayer for or if there is a way we can pray for you!

I started a new bible study on wednesday and I feel like God has so much in store for me this year but that he is going to use this bible study to help prepare me. We are doing the "Lies Women Believe" study. I am not far at all into it but I like it so far. I think it will make me look deep inside myself though and re-evaluate.

I hope to share some of my insight that I learn during the study with you as well!

Week in Review:

*Two sick babies= no sleep for this momma
*Started using my BodyMedia Band and Love it so far
*Hubs and I had a date night and went to see Ron White then went to my fave little bar and grill for pizza!! Super Fun
*I started running again, up to 1.5miles
*Had lunch with Cyndy Waters from The Orbit Village Project and got some awesome plans underway and started to plan a mission trip for myself, daddy, sis-in-law and maybe hubs for 2014!! I can't wait to share omre about this with you!
*Bug and I went shopping for Zawadi

Pictures at the end since I can't figure out how to move them!
Hope you all have a great week!


This is my New BF! I Love It!

My favorite part of the weekend! Laying in bed with both my kiddos while they play their games in the dark with the DreamLites on!

Helping mommy go through Zawadi bag items!

Blurry Ron White