Thursday, December 19, 2013

13.1 and then some

This week has been nothing short of a whirlwind! I have been going non-stop since the race on Sunday and am finally getting the time to finish this post! 

First lets start with the 13.1.

I have never wanted to not do something so bad as I did on Saturday. Last week was not a good week for me as far as working out. I had decided after my 10mile run that I would not do any of my leg workouts for the week. I wanted to givemy legs a rest and do two short runs during the week and that be it. Well not only did I not do my legs workouts but I also did not do my upper body workout. I was so exhausted by the end of each day I just couldn't do it. Then I spent one of those days completely sick so that put a hold on my first run. 

Needless to say come Saturday I had no weight training done for the week and only 1 run which was a difficult 2mile run that left me feeling very defeated. 

I didn't want to run Sunday.

I didn't want to get up at the crack of dawn and try to warm up before the run.

I didn't want to wear layers of clothing only to shed layers of clothing while running in a misty rain.

I didn't want to....

But I did...

And it was amazing!!

The run was not near as difficult as what I anticipated and I think my body thanked me during that run for letting it rest some during the week. My legs didn't feel near as heavy as what they had in my previous runs. The hills didn't slow my down quite as much as what I anticipated and the few times I actually started to feel the pain a little prayer asking for some relief was all it took and my pain was gone. 

My goal was to finish the 13.1 in 2:15 or less. I had also planned to stop twice and walk the water break if I needed to. I did not stop at all. I threw back some sips as I cruised through the stations (actually choking on air one time...ooops) and I kept moving. 

I could believe that all that hard work really was paying off and my body was doing something that I NEVER imagined I would be able to do. 

I listened to some praise music, sang to my Lord and Savior, prayed for a dear friend and her battle with breast cancer and thought about the many training runs and the many times I wanted to quit. 

I am glad I didn't.

That race left me feeling accomplished and proud. To see my bff standing at mile 10 1.2 to cheer me on and then my hubby and kiddos at the finish line yelling for me was so humbling. I could not have done that without my support system. My running partner who ran with me (even though she can flat out fly she stuck with me). I encourage you to find an accountability partner to keep pushing you even when you want to stop. 

The hardest mile was 12, I think because my Run App had me ahead of what the markers were showing so mentally that was taking a toll that I should have been done and still wasn't close yet.

I did it! I finished!! AND I BEAT MY GOAL!! 

My Official Time was 2:13 and that was for the race course! My Run App said I actually crossed the 13.1 at 2:09...6 minutes quicker than what I hoped for!

I can and did do it...SO CAN YOU!! 

When we got home my wonderful hubby had ordered me my 13.1 sticker and this awesome little charm that goes on my shoes! I would have never dreamed he would have thought to get me those things! 

Nothing is Impossible if you 

After the race on Monday I went and had a full body massage and boy did I need that. I also got the Biofreeze treatment done on my legs along with a Spa Pedicure and by Monday night my legs felt like a million bucks! Completely worth the extra $$.

I also planned my Christmas Candy Party for Monday. Smart huh, burn a bunch of calories then eat them right back in chocolate and peanut butter!! Oh but I had so much fun baking with my lady friends and we each ended up with a HUGE amount of candy to take home and give away!!
These yummy things are Caramel Pretzel Bites dipped in chocolate!

I totally forgot to take picture because we were so busy but this entire table was covered in chocolates! 

More Oreo balls, Cake pops and Peanut Butter Bon Bons! 

Tuesday I made 7 1/2dozen cupcakes (school parties, neighbors and such). No icing just the cupcakes. Put together Kinley and Lanie's school friend gifts. I also put together 6 teacher gifts, 4 co-worker gifts and 7 neighbor gifts....WHEW I was yet again exhausted! (I'll get pictures of these when I decorate them tonight! Follow on IG for these pics)

Wednesday errr that was yesterday right?? We took the kids to give away Chapstick and Hand warmers and invited people to the new North Campus service for our church. It was a great hour of serving those in our community and hanging with my bible study girls. The hubby and I then took Kinley Ice Skating for the first time which was an experience for us both! I had almost forgot how too but it is amazing how when you are holding your child's hand and trying to keep them from falling you almost become super mommy with super strength! 

He didn't want to do it at first but I am so proud he braved up and tried it (and I'm so glad I didn't let him fall because he would never listen to me about fun again) hehe

Today I have to decorate all 7 1/2 dozen cupcakes, cook dinner and take the kiddos to see Shadracks Light show! 

Tomorrow is clean, Christmas party, clean some more then my mommy and daddy will be here!! YAY!! 

I absolutely LOVE the Christmas season and all the it stands for but it is definitely tiring. The hubs and I are planning to start a Cleanse on Jan 7th and I am currently working on our meal plan for the month! In the new year I am determined to get on a great Clean Eating plan and go back to full force weight lifting. 

I also might still be contemplating that Full Marathon in March!! ;) 

I don't think I'll be back for a week or more so I'll leave you with my rottenly adorable kiddos saying


God Bless You,

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Giving Heart 2014

As mothers we all have those moments when our children surprise us. They say or do something that we hadn't realized they knew. Sometimes a kind act other times a curse word (that you are still not sure where they heard it from). Wither way our children are watching us with hawk eyes and soaking up every little thing we say and do like a dry sponge.

This weekend Kinley surprised me. I have been trying to instill the heart of giving in my children for over a year now. We participate in different charity events, we are very involved in a ministry over in Africa and my children know the meaning of having a sponsor brother who lives in Africa. But to see them initiate giving without me even hinting at it just fills me with that mommy pride. That "my student is on the honor roll" pride.

While we were out shopping some we were going into a store where the Salvation Army Bell Ringers were. I was lost in conversation with my husband so I hadn't paid much attention to the man standing in front of the store. Out of no where Kinley stops us and says he needs some change. "For What?" I ask....then he tells me we can't go by the Bell Ringers without putting some change in the bucket.

You're right, son, you are so right.

If you have been reading a while then you will remember last year in the month of December I made it a point to not go by a person asking for donations, whether it be Salvation Army, St. Judes', or any other charity without dropping some change in. I firmly believe it is not the amount we put in but the heart we do it with. I am convinced that if everyone who walked by a charity stand gave...even just 5cents there would be a massive amount of charity work to be done with that increase.

There is roughly 313million people living in the US. If only HALF of those people would drop a nickel into the bucket would you believe that there would be 7million 5 hundred thousand dollars give to a charity...all because someone took the time to dig out 5 pennies or a nickel and put it in.

Truth is most people don't have carry cash. I know that most of the time I do not have any cash but I also have a slew of pennies in a jar or in the car and even some in my change purse.

PLEASE don't be embarrassed to only give a small amount!! As I said a small amount by half the people in the world equals enough money to do great things and bless many people with!

I hope you will take the time this holiday season to instill a giving spirit in your children. Even if it is just letting them see how natural it is to drop some change in the red bucket and say
Merry Christmas

May YOU and I be the CHANGE 
we need to see in the world!


*This was NOT endorsed b y Salvation Army nor am I in any way affiliated with them just using them as the example to what we do.*

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Countdown

Well most people around the world are on the countdown to Christmas. 

I am on a countdown but not to Christmas yet. I'm not the best multitasker...I can fake organization like no other but somehow in my mind things seem to get jumbled and I get stressed. I love this time of year but quite honestly I'm excited to get this coming weekend over. 

I run my first half marathon on Sunday. 

Now let me clarify I am beyond thrilled to finally be "ready" to run 13.1 miles. I have trained and trained for this day. I am excited to feel that adrenaline rush when the gun goes off and  get that runners high when I finish. But with Christmas coming and all the fun things we do as a family during this month it has almost put a damper on my excitement for my race. When I'm running I feel like I should be doing more Christmas activities at home or preparing my house for the abundance of company that comes to visit over Christmas. Then when I am doing those things I start wondering, "Should I be doing some more training to be sure I am prepared for this race". Maybe everyone goes through this before their first race. The questions

 "Can I do this?"

"Am I really ready?"

"Will I be able to finish?"

Ugh I just wish my mind would stop racing!! 

So there you have it. The final week before my longest run ever and I'm torn between two of my favorite things! Running and Christmas,  I specifically picked this race because it was durning my fave holiday! No better race to run right? <insert exhausted voice>

Ok so enough of my rambling and let me tell you about my week to come! I am already over indulging on some of the Christmas treats, I'm trying to do a 5 day sugar detox since next Monday when us girls have our Candy baking night I will consume more sugar than any one person should consume in one day (I atleast did that right and planned it AFTER my race). But dag on its hard though because everywhere I look is goodies!!

This Thursday is our annual Kids Night. We all know how expensive Christmas can get. Even if you make your own gifts, it can still get expensive. Last year we wanted to do something for those friends in our life who are always there for us when we need them. The ones who you might not talk to for a few weeks but are there for you the minute you call. However we have a good amount of friends like this so it was going to be expensive to buy for all these people. So the hubs and I decided to offer our friends a "Free Night". We do a kiddie Christmas party (crafts, pizza, hot cocoa and we have a special surprise planned for this year) and our friends get to drop their kids off and go have a night out on the town or at home in the peace and quiet! It is a win win because it doesn't break out budget and it allows them an evening to get last minute Christmas presents or wrap presents without trying to find a babysitter! 

I have to admit as the kids get older, it gets funner and I can't wait for this Thursday. 

We are also staying at the Wilderness Lodge this Saturday since the race is so early on Sunday. They have the indoor waterpark so that will be a nice mini getaway with the kiddos this weekend! 

Any last minute tips for this half marathon momma? 

My plans are doing a short 2-3 mile run this week and a yoga workout Friday for stretching. I'm cutting out my leg days because I don't want to wear myself out before Sunday! 

BTW I started a Jamie Eason 30day workout...I love it! My upper body I do at home then I go to the gym for Leg days. I seem to push myself harder at the gym on leg days then I do at home. Plus it's nice to just get in to that gym mentality. 

Now I'll leave you with a few pics from out Christmas fun this past weekend! 

We love bass Pro Shop at Christmas! 

Getting excited to see Santa! 

This coat was mine from when I was a little girl!! I love that it fits her now! I'm going to find the picture of me in it one of these days! 

I can't believe we didn't have any tears shed! (We totally bribed her with candy canes) IT WORKED! 

Y'all have a great week! I'll be back next week with a Kids Night post and a Half Marathon RECAP!! 

Merry Christmas, 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's December Y'all!

We are full blown into December now. Everyone's Christmas lights are up or going up. Christmas carols are playing everywhere and the stores are buzzing with people shopping.

My Christmas list is almost complete which leaves me feeling accomplished. There is always so much I want to do in December but it seems I never have the time to do it. This December seems even more crammed packed since I am fitting in training runs and a half marathon....which is only 12 days away!


I can't believe how fast it has came up. Part of me is nervous, the other part is excited! I'm ready to show that course what's up! 

I have been messaging back and forth with one of my favorite Etsy store friends and she has created me this beautifully UGLY Christmas Tank to sport during my half on the 15th. I can't wait to get my hands on it and ugly myself up some more! I'm telling ya go visit Strong Confident You for your workout tanks!! Ilona is UH-MAZING!

Now onto my Thanksgiving meal recap:
I did really well with eating and I am happy to report only a .5lb weight gain over the weekend. With Thanksgiving and a wedding in one weekend I call that a WIN! 

I'm trying really hard to keep my eating on track this month. I forgot to put somewhere my beginning weight so I'll put it here. My beginning weight before Thanksgiving was 135. Goal weight for jan 1st...135!! Who's with me to NOT gain weight this month? I wanna see some yummy comfort food recipes that aren't bD for your booty! 

Every year some girlfriends and I have a Christmas baking night, we make Oreo balls, Peanut butter Bon bons, peanut butter ritz crackers dipped in chocolate, salted Caramel cake pops, and this year I am thinking of adding cookies to the mix. It is so much fun to just hang out with my girlfriends while baking goodies! Plus they are great gifts for neighbors, mail man, co-workers, etc. Follow me on IG @sweetsouthernmel for pics of that fun night! 

I am also planing the surprise golden ticket night for my babies. We are blessed to be in a neighborhood where lots of people put up lights so right now I am on the final planning stages of surprising them at bedtime with their golden tickets and hot cocoa and taking them on a drive to look at lights. 

So I know this post is a little random and all over the place but that is exactly what my December is. Random and all over the place but at the end of the night it is all about Jesus. While we keep busy running around this Christmas season lets not forget the reason we celebrate and the reason we give at Christmas. We received the most precious gift on that night so long ago and because of that I will celebrate for eternity in heaven with my Lord and Savior! 

Happy December y'all! I'd love to hear what some of your traditions are! 

Much Love, 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What's Next?

This will be the first year I will have met my fitness goal. I wanted to lose some weight, start feeling better and just be a healthier, fitter me. With 5 weeks left in 2013 I am proud to say that I'm right on track to do that.

My weight has stayed the same for the past 4months but I am continuously seeing little changes in my body. Just last night while I was trying to figure out how to work that little part under my arm on my back my husband responds with "Dang babe, look at all that definition"! That will make a girl feel good, esp when she's looking at the bad and he's seeing the good. 

So where do I go from here. I will run my first half marathon on Dec 15th and I'm feeling pretty confident about it. I did however take a full year to train! Haha pretty sure that's the longest training time ever but hey I got it done! 

I have tried many different workout programs and found some stuff I love and other stuff I didn't care for. I found that if I continued to try to do the stuff I didn't care for I worked out less and less. 

Ex) P90X- I liked it at first but it just became too routine and too boring for me. So I started making excuses, doing less of the workout and eventually just stopped all together. 

Running isn't my favorite thing to do but I see big leaning results when I do it. Weight training I love but often get confused on what to do. I work much better with a plan. So while training for this half I have found a 30day Total body blaster weight program by Jamie Eason. Have I told you how much I love that girls workouts? I LOVED the LiveFit program I did in the spring and this one is it up my alley too. So I am alternating between long runs on the weekend and weight training throughout the week. I'm at about a 70% clean diet and plan on keeping it that way til after Christmas. 

My short term goals are:

*Weigh the same the day after Christmas as I do now
*Finish the half marathon in 2:20 or less
*Continue weight training throughout December

Then I ask myself what's next, what goal will I focus on for 2014? Well after some sole searching and talking with my runner friend I believe I have found my goal. I started researching it a bit and it just seemed like everything was lining up right.  

So beginning Jan 4th I will officially start training for the Covenant Health Full Marathon on March 30th.....EEEEK!!! 


I haven't even finished 13.1 yet but I have full confidence in myself that I can complete this goal.  It is here in my town of Knoxville, Tn and the Knoxville track club meets weekly to train for this race so I will have a group of people and hopefully my running partner to train with.  

I'm excited right now! I'm sure the nerves will sink in come Jan when the long 14+mile runs begin but as of now I am letting this high carry me through December. 

A fellow blogger I follow, MamaLaughlin, just finished her first full marathon and she has been such an inspiration to me throughout this whole process. Maybe it's because she works full time, is a mom of two kids, still finds time for herself and achieves her goals. Just reading about her Full marathon got me so pumped to do one next year! 

So there it is, my short and long term goals, something to look forward too so I never go back to the unhealthy me I was before! 

Stayed tuned come January as I will try my best to lay out my step by step process of what I am doing to train for this full!

Have you ever ran a full before? What are some things I need to know and be prepared for mentally and physically? Wanna make a trip to Knoxville TN to run it with me?? :) 

Happy Thanksgiving peeps! 

Much Love,

Monday, November 25, 2013

Why I Didn't Give Thanks

We all know that Facebook is a "highlight reel" for most people, then there are those few that use it as a "complaint" reel and then the others who choose to have diarrhea of the fingers....I guess that the best way to out it. You know every little detail about their life including the time they had their poop of the day and the color and know you have one or fifty of those "friends" on Facebook. 

if you choose to overlook all of that nonsense you then have the people who watch you like a hawk, ready to bring up, at any given moment, a comment or post you made. Those who want to make themselves feel better so they beat you down in the process. 

I will be the first to admit I have fallen into many of these categories at various times. I have posted a little more than I should, I have bragged about my kiddos from time to time, I have taken another post personal when in no way, shape or form was it directed at me. We have all done it and how does it leave us feeling? Guilty, sad, hurt, angery? You name it and I have felt it...all from a social media site.

At the beginning of 2013 part of my resolution was to simplify. I am very Type A. I like for things to be in order, I like to have a plan. I like to know ahead of time what the schedule will be. Right now some of our Christmas plans are still uncertain and to be's driving me bonkers. My house has to be picked up, (not necessarily clean but more in order), I have to have plenty of toilet paper and at all times my house must be guest ready. I am a people pleaser and although I can be quite direct and to the point, there are lots of times I don't say No when I should. I don't like to tell people no, even when it bothers me or quite frankly I just don't have the time I find myself still saying yes.

Since having children this has gotten worse. There were times that I could say no for myself but saying no to parties, play dates, movies, putt putt, etc became a lot harder once my babies arrived. We all want out children to have that childhood to remember but even more so with being a working mom do I want to make up for the things I can't do due to having to be at work. 

To get my priorities in line I had to make a plan (see Tupe A coming out). God first then my husband, my children, then myself. Yep I am putting myself into the mix because I have learned that if I am not happy with myself it's hard for me to perform graciously the others jobs I have. 

In putting myself into the equation I had to really evaluate my life. Look at the friends I had, the activities I participate in, the activities that my children enjoy doing and what works beat for the hubs and I. Then try to balance it all out without wearing myself down or getting my stress level so high that was an uncles ants person in the process. 

One thing I cut out was Pinterest......OMG WHAT????

Yep I cut about 90% of it out. I still use it to refer back to recipes and crafts I planned but this year I did not let hours upon hours staring at Pinterest consume me.  It only to left me feeling completely inadequate as a wife, mother, Christian, homemaker, chef, party get the picture. 

There have been countless articles and blogpost written on the subject of Pinterest Moms so I'm not going there just preparing my point. 

Even after I gave that up there was still the Facebook highlight reel to contend with. I ended up parting was with some people on Facebook and in real life. It was the best decision for my walk with God and my family and again...myself personally. I was on a mission to be happy and content with everything that God has given me. 

Over the past couple months I have really tested my ability to say no. 

"No I'm sorry I can't do that party, I just don't have the time to take away from my children"

"No we aren't aren't going to make it because we have other plans"

"No I'm not going to rush to the store because I forgot about starting the "Boo our neighbors" tradition tomorrow" (this was huge for me because I have done it every year for the past 3yrs and I forgot til the last minute)

"No my husband and I have date night"

"No I promised my kids family movie night" 

Now I haven't said no to everything but enough to relieve some of the stress. 

So with all that being said November 1st rolled around and here I was staring into the abyss of everyone's thankfulness. 

I will be the first to shout praises to my magnificent God for all the things and people he has blessed me with. For the ways that he took care of me and my family, for how he carried us through some dark times and celebrated with us in times of joys. He has caught my tears and been there for me while I was learning to say No more often. I truly am Thankful for ALL things and people in my life...I'm even thankful for Facebook... Yep it keeps me in contact with my family who lives out of town and allows them to see pictures and videos of my babies that they otherwise might miss.

But did I have to write it out?? Did I have to proclaim everyday the certain members of my family I am thankful for any why? What about the others, the aunts, uncles and cousin, will they think I love them less if they aren't mentioned by name? Will I be less of a Christian if I don't give thanks to the One God who sent his son to die for me on day 1? Will my parents feel less loved if they fall to days 5&6? What if I say I'm thankful for my Starbucks, will I be labeled materialistic? What if I'm thankful for the love I have for working out and running...will I be vein?  

Then what if I forget a day?? And again the next day? Does it show that I am so busy with day to day life that I can't even remember to be Thankful? What a terrible person I am to forget to be thankful. 

These are all thoughts that have ran through my head in years past of Facebook thankfulness so this year I did it...I didn't give Thanks...on Facebook. Instead I have been trying to remember to tell others that I am thankful for them. My husband knows (because I have told him countless items) I couldn't do this life without him. My children get told everyday how much I love them and how blessed I am to be their mommy. I have tried to show thankfulness to neighbors, friends, extended family and strangers. Some I haven't gotten to yet but I will, eventually. 

I do enjoy reading some of the thankful posts. I think it's great to see others giving praise and thanks to God for his great mercies but as a mom trying to keep up with the Jones' of Facebook just became too much. I will not allow myself to question my ability to love, give thanks, parent or be a good spouse because I can't keep up with yet another Facebook game.  

It's almost the end of November and I am thankful for a month of LESS STRESS! :) 

PS please no more "Ill give you a number" games! I thought I was going to claw my eyes out and honestly there's some stuff that is better left unsai-err untyped.

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all 


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mini Getaway and Race Update

I cannot believe that in less than a week the hubs and I will be celebrating 8yrs of marriage! We dated for almost 2years before tying the knot so in January we will have been together for 10years. WOW!

This year I have been racking my brain for something romantic to do with him. Well something romantic that he wouldn't find totally cheesy! We are staying at a B&B this weekend and just spending a full 48hours enjoying being with each other. One of the things I love most about this B&B is that it is close to our home so we don't have to travel far but not is the hustle and bustle that is Pigeon Forge, TN. The B&B sits on the lake and is just so peaceful and quiet. The hubs took me there for a one night stay over my birthday in March. It was a much needed relaxing mini getaway. 

Over the past week while trying to come up with something romantic for us I came across this blog. 

Wanna talk about a powerful blog on Faith and trusting in God.

Ian was In a wreck that left him in a coma. His girlfriend of only 10months moved  in with his family to help care for him and a few years later they were married. Not only is she his caretaker but his wife. The miracle that is Ian, has showed me God unending promise to use our life for His glory. I encourage you to take a few minutes and read some of her posts. You won't regret it! 

So while scouring her blog I believe I have found the perfect idea!! I will share with you next week on the rare chance the hubs would read this post I want him to be surprised!

Also I am sorry for the LONG absence on the blog. Life has been crazy and while trying to cut back on some stress points in my life I cut the blog out. I just needed to focus my time on God, family and my fitness. 

Yep I'm still working out and slowly trying to convert to a more Clean diet. Ugh but I LOVE food!!

I officially registered for my first half. I will be running the Santa Hustle on Dec. 15th in Sevierville! This race looks super fun plus it begins and ends at The Wilderness in the Smokies which is a HUGE indoor waterpark! I have made us reservations to stay there SATURDAY night before the race Sunday morning but this way my little family will be waiting on me at the finish line and we can enjoy two winter days at a heated waterpark! YAY! 

I have my longest run ever...10miles coming up Friday morning! I'll try to jump on here after and give you a quick update on how that went! Right now I'm pacing at about 9:54/mile but wanna try to slow it down to 10:30. I started hurting that last mile during my 9miler and I don't want to injure myself this close to race time! 

I have a bunch more to update on but will save some for other posts! 

Mucho Love,

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

P90X the Beginning

Well this post is a few days...err a few weeks late! I am having the hardest time getting into the swing of things! UGH

I started on P90X last Monday, the 12th of August. Plans were to begin Aug. 5th but with party planning the week before and left over cake I figured I'd better wait til I could food prep a bit better. 

I took some "Beginning" pics for the record and I have to say that I am proud of how I haven't completely fallen off the wagon. In my history with weightless and fitness I do really good until vacation. Then I wear a bikini, feel comfortable, eat A LOT of junk food and slowly start the down hill journey again. I don't really see it because we move into winter and I'm wearing my old jeans and sweaters. Then come Jan-Feb I start to feel the sluggish old me return and I break down and get on the scale and then it's like...

"Hello there 20lbs, welcome back"

Well I am bound and determined to be in the best shape I've ever been this year at Thanksgiving and Christmas! 

I'll take some more pics at the end of my first 30days but be sure to follow me on IG with my new fitness account to get sneak peeks of my muscles and the food I am eating! 



Now that we got that would of the way it's time for some transformation pics for those who haven't seen them before along with my beginning weight, measurements and pics for P90X.

Here is Feb to June of 2013! Huge changes physically and mentally! 

These next few pcs were from last week when I started P90X and just to answer you now yes there is a towel on my head!! Gotta take pics when you can get them! 

My beginning measurements are:

ARMS: 10 3/4
BUST: 34
HIPS: 32 3/4
BUTT: 37
THIGH: 21 1/4

BEGINNING WEIGHT 131lbs and I am fine if this doesn't change or even goes up a little bit! My main goal now is 24-25% body fat. 


So there it all is! My Beginning with P90X!! I hope you enjoy following along!!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lanie's 2nd Minnie Mouse Bow-Tique Party

Well I am finally getting Lanie's Bow-Tique party posted! I have had the pictures on here for a while but just haven't had the time to get the words on here. 

Her party turned out better than I could have imagined! All the little kiddos had a blast and Lanie was so happy to see Minnie Mouse everywhere! We had her party at 10am which made for a very busy Friday night and early Saturday morning but the party was done and over by noon and we actually got to all nap together and then just enjoy the evening with our family visiting. It was a nice change from the normally very busy Friday and Saturday of party weekends! 

Here are the hair bow holders I made for each of the girls who came! 

I made them a "Bow-Tique" that they could shop at before they went home! 

Baby food jars and Strawberry milk for the littles!

Cupcake ears were York Peppermint patties and white chocolate chips for the polka dots and the 
Oreo pops were super easy to make!!

For food we had Fruit Kabobs, Mouseketeer Cheese crackers, Minnie's Strawberry muffins, Minnie Pancakes (the tiny ones you buy frozen), sister schubert frozen sausage rolls and yummy cake made by yours truly! 

I can't believe it has been TWO years! *mommy tears*

My awesome party printables came from Amanda's Parties On Etsy check her out here...I can't figure out how to add a link on my iPad!!
 I had kind of an emergency mistake on my part and she was sweet enough to work with me and help me out!! 

She's so stinking cute!

And this one is my favorite picture from the party, this face is why I do all I do!


And after we all napped and got rested up we hung out with the family and played in the jump houses! 
Perfect way to end a very busy yet fun party day!! 

Now that the birthday paties are over I guess it's time for me to get to planning our Annual Pumpkin Party in Oct!

Much Love,

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'm Baaaaccck

Of course the day i decide to write my flippin' blogger wont work on my computer!! aarrgghh Bare with me since this will be coming from my phone!

I can't believe it's been a month since I've written! So much has went on and kept me so very busy but ill just give you a glimpse of it! 

First we had a family vacation to the beach. It rained for 4 days.... Two kids at the beach in a camper and it rained and rained. Very annoying but luckily my parents were with us and did a very wonderful job of helping with the kiddos and keeping them occupied and keeping the hubs and myself from going totally bonkers! 

Vacation wouldn't be complete without my daddy building some sort of sand animal. Then some little brat cane running through it...people control your kids! Ugh

This year was probably the most comfortable I've ever been in a kini' at the beach. I worked hard and an proud of where it got me...then I ate like crapola and am now getting back on track but that's another post. 

We fed the ginormous swans that would come eat out of your hands! The kids lived it until they got out of the water and the kids realized the swans were bigger than them! 

After vacation came fun time with friends at the Aquarium!

Cow appreciation day= FREE food at Chick-Fil-A

More fun at Dixie Stampede with friends!! 

I found out I'm going to be an AUNT!!! This is my first niece/nephew from my brother!! 
This will be their first gift! Hahaha 

Safety City fun last week! This was such a neat place! I felt like I was walking around Mr. Rogers neighborhood. 

Christmas in July at Chick-Fil-A = More FREE food!! 

I found a new wine love 😍 

Now I'm prepping for Lanies 2nd birthday party this Saturday!! I can't believe my baby will be TWO but I hope she loves her Minnie Mouses Bow-Tique party! 

Here's a sneak peak, full party post will be up next week!! 😀

Yep all that and more in the past 4 weeks!! Eek 😳

Now what's in store for the future.

Next Monday I will begin P90x. In very nervous about this because of the time dedicated 6days a week. However I need a structured workout to do, and it seems like I do best with that. Jamie Eason's LiveFit was a perfect beginners workout and I think I'm ready to progress. I am also going to try to stick to the nutrition guide which will probably be even more challenging for me! 

I will post my before pics, measurements and weight on Monday then try to update every 2-3 weeks!! 

I have also decided on another huge leap for my fitness routine but ill save that for another post!! 

Would you like to join me on my P90x challenge?? I'd love to get a mini support group started on FB and maybe even a texting group where we all encourage each other and offer advice, support and sometimes the kick in the butt you need to get moving! Email me at sweetsouthernmel(at)gmail(dot)com to join in! 
Plus follow me on IG for meals and workout pics because we all know its not official until you've taken a picture! 😉

Until next time ladies!!!

Peace & Love,