Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mini Getaway and Race Update

I cannot believe that in less than a week the hubs and I will be celebrating 8yrs of marriage! We dated for almost 2years before tying the knot so in January we will have been together for 10years. WOW!

This year I have been racking my brain for something romantic to do with him. Well something romantic that he wouldn't find totally cheesy! We are staying at a B&B this weekend and just spending a full 48hours enjoying being with each other. One of the things I love most about this B&B is that it is close to our home so we don't have to travel far but not is the hustle and bustle that is Pigeon Forge, TN. The B&B sits on the lake and is just so peaceful and quiet. The hubs took me there for a one night stay over my birthday in March. It was a much needed relaxing mini getaway. 

Over the past week while trying to come up with something romantic for us I came across this blog. 

Wanna talk about a powerful blog on Faith and trusting in God.

Ian was In a wreck that left him in a coma. His girlfriend of only 10months moved  in with his family to help care for him and a few years later they were married. Not only is she his caretaker but his wife. The miracle that is Ian, has showed me God unending promise to use our life for His glory. I encourage you to take a few minutes and read some of her posts. You won't regret it! 

So while scouring her blog I believe I have found the perfect idea!! I will share with you next week on the rare chance the hubs would read this post I want him to be surprised!

Also I am sorry for the LONG absence on the blog. Life has been crazy and while trying to cut back on some stress points in my life I cut the blog out. I just needed to focus my time on God, family and my fitness. 

Yep I'm still working out and slowly trying to convert to a more Clean diet. Ugh but I LOVE food!!

I officially registered for my first half. I will be running the Santa Hustle on Dec. 15th in Sevierville! This race looks super fun plus it begins and ends at The Wilderness in the Smokies which is a HUGE indoor waterpark! I have made us reservations to stay there SATURDAY night before the race Sunday morning but this way my little family will be waiting on me at the finish line and we can enjoy two winter days at a heated waterpark! YAY! 

I have my longest run ever...10miles coming up Friday morning! I'll try to jump on here after and give you a quick update on how that went! Right now I'm pacing at about 9:54/mile but wanna try to slow it down to 10:30. I started hurting that last mile during my 9miler and I don't want to injure myself this close to race time! 

I have a bunch more to update on but will save some for other posts! 

Mucho Love,

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  1. I have a 10 miler scheduled for Friday too! Good luck!!