Thursday, January 26, 2017

The House That Built US Month 2

Well that took a whole heck of a lot longer than I anticipated!! 

After closing on the land and finding a good contractor we moved on to the bank process. Apparently around the holidays everyone who needs to sign off on construction loans goes on vacation which put a good month hold on everything! 

Finally over the past two weeks things have been moving at the bank and we closed on our construction loan this past Tuesday evening! Tonight we met with the contractor to finalize all the plans on the layout of the house and sign the contract with him. 

I am FINALLY excited! Don't get me wrong I have been excited theses past few months but in the back of my mind, until the dotted line is signed anything can happen. I knew the more I let myself want something the harder the disappointment of it not happening would be. You would think that buying the land would have been confirmation enough but it still just didn't feel real.

Tonight, this moment of red pencil marking all over our plans. Discussions of appliances, siding, brick, stone, fireplaces and on and on. This is real, this is exciting, this is the moment I have been waiting for for the past 6 months. 

If you have any advice, tips, tricks, do's or don'ts please share them!! I have pinned so many things on Pinterest it makes my head spin to go look at it but I am ready for the picking out of stuff. I am ready for the design of our new forever (if it is His will) home. 

So heres to granite samples, cabinet colors, light fixtures, paint colors, wood floors, tile floors and all the other decisions to come. Praying for clarity in each decision that we have to make and praying that as my husband and I walk through this process God will use this to build our marriage stronger. 

Hoping to share new updates of breaking ground in the next couple weeks! 

Much Love,