Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 17

Week 17 was another rainy week but they managed to get some work done on the outside in-between the rain showers each day!  

This weeks accomplishments include the stone work on the accent wall, one side of soffit and hardie board on, they built our mailbox, started on all the crown in the house and casing the windows and exterior doors and our interior doors showed up, well all but the pantry door. 

Funny story about the mailbox though. An older gentleman in the neighborhood stopped by and told my husband they built our mailbox wrong. Confused my husband asked him how it was wrong to which the man replied "Where would you get your newspaper at?" 😂😂 I think he was baffled when he told him we didn't get the newspaper and didn't have any plans of getting one! LOL

This week we painted 5 different pieces of Hardie board trying to decide on which color to paint the house Just when we thought we had decided we went and bought two more samples and now we are just as confused as ever! 

I'm hoping that the garage doors show up this week along with all the flooring, and they get the interior doors in and trim done....I guess I'm hoping for a lot but mainly that the weather cooperates. All this rain is making me crazy!! 

We still do not have a potential move in date but hoping to get one soon! We close on our house this week so I only have a few more days before I will be swimming in boxes for two months. 

Until next week!

~ Mel

Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 16

We had a busy week since it was the last week of school, last soccer game, teacher luncheons then at rip out of state for my niece's graduation. Throw in some rain on top of that and out trips over to the new place in the evenings were fast and furious! 

We ordered all the flooring and in the process realized that since we had picked out real hard wood floor that it had the get acclimated to the house before laying it. This helps with expansion and change in size of the boards (so I'm told...I just go along with it because I'm clueless). However in order for it to acclimate this means our house has to be fully enclosed with the AC/Heat unit up and running. Doesn't seem like that big deal but the unit is in our garage therefore the garage floor had to be done so they could come install the unit. The garage doors have to be installed before they place the unit in there and the hardy board has to be put on the side of the house so the electric company can come set the meter. A LOT must be done before the floor can begin to acclimate to the house. Needless to say that measures a lot out doors is going to happen in the near future.

This week they got all the brick on the house and I am in love with the color we chose. It is hard to image what it will look like on the house based on the little 2'x2' section they show you but it turned out beautifully! 

Thursday they poured the garage floor, started on the soffit and the trim around our windows. Friday we confirmed our garage doors so they should be getting ordered at the beginning of the week. They also sanded the walls, finished the knock down on the ceilings and vacuumed the whole house so they are ready to prime all the walls!


We were out of town for the weekend so we stopped by the house Sunday evening to see if there were any changes and to our surprise they had prepared the front accent wall for stone. The big box of stone had showed up as well so I am hoping that goes on early this week!!


Looking forward to see the changes coming this week!! 


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Week 15

They finished hanging drywall at the beginning of the week and they now have 2 coats of mud on it. One or two more and then they start sanding and are ready to start painting.

Our contractor asked me if I had picked out my paint colors yet and of course I had not even given it a whole lot of thought! I seriously don't know what I would have done without pinterest. I searched for sherwin williams gray paint colors and it helped SO much being able to see rooms that were already decorated painted in different colors. It gave me more insight on what I liked and what I did not.

Five colors all picked out! 
After a couple days of pinterest searching colors I went with a list of 5 colors and got paint sampled then came back and painted scrap pieces of drywall. Let me tell you, if you build a house this is the way to go! I was able to take the painted pieces of drywall into their specific rooms and really seem what that color would look like. My momma told me that trick and it worked perfectly and I loved each color!! What I thought would be one of the hardest decisions turned out to be one of the easiest! 

We also had to finalize lighting and tile this week. We changed quite of bit of the light fixtures were originally chose to different finishes but I think we are all set to go on those! The tile all came together perfectly and it is getting ordered Monday. 

Ceiling fans all start looking the same after a while!

Oh and the brick showed up and they should start laying that early next week!
I'm in L.O.V.E. with our brick choice! 

Dad and Punkin started on my tile shower and tub this week! All the durock is in and they are almost ready to lay tile once it comes in. I believe my master bath is one of the rooms I am most excited about. The different tiles in the shower are going to looking amazing together!! I can't wait to see it all starting coming together. Growing up I had a jacuzzi tub in my parents house. Now that I run and workout I LOVE to soak in epsom salt baths but my little tub just isn't cutting it. I can't wait for that first soak! LOL
Oh this boy! He isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and work hard! So proud of the boy he is growing into!  

Shower all mudded up! 

The kids are enjoying playing in the dirt at the house and it is so nice how peaceful it is back in our little cul-de-sac! Hardly any traffic and friendly neighbors walking by make me feel like I'm on Wisteria Lane! ;) (anyone catch that reference?) 

We are now four months into this house building adventure and I have been reflecting on how this whole process has affected my husband and I. Over the years I have heard people say "If you can survive building a house then you can survive anything". Well truth is, that statement hasn't really rang true for us. Over 12 years of marriage we have been through raising two kids, job loss, death of a parent, sickness and learning how to lean only on each other. We have learned a lot about each other over the years and have grown in more ways than we ever would have dreamed. This process has been stressful at times yes but it has been so fun to be able to go through all the decisions together. He trusts me and I trust him and the decisions have flowed pretty easily. 

So here is to a fun 4 months of building and hopefully only a few more until we move in and continue this wonderful little love story we have going for us! 


Saturday, May 6, 2017

Week 14

UGH all this rain is making me crazy!! I have never really cared about the rain before but start building a house you it's like you become a hawk over the weather channel.

The plumbing and electrical work were finished up this week. We did a walk through on Tuesday afternoon to be sure nothing had been left out. It is a lot to think about all at once but I believe we managed to get everything where we wanted it.

We ended up needing 10 loads of dirt (ugh not gonna wanna see that bill) but the house looks so much better! Plus it is going to make our driveway much bigger so Kinley and Thomas, uh hum, can have a half court size basketball goal out there. Boys and their toys I guess!

Wednesday they put up all the insulation, we had the inspection done Thursday along with all the sheetrock showing up for that crew to get started!

Before we ever decided to build I always said that if we did build I wanted to cover our house with scriptures. A friend of mine did it to her house a few years ago and I thought it was such a great way to go through the house room by room praying for the future and that God will just cover, bless and protect us as we move into the future. Just us and the drywall crew will ever see those words but in my heart I will know that they are there. I told the hubs about my idea and he even took it upon himself to search out some scriptures that he wanted to write as well.😍😍😍😍

We decided on Thursday evening to have a picnic dinner on the back deck then go through the house covering it with scripture and prayer. 

The kids were slightly confused so I just told them to write anything they wanted to about God. Oh my heart, what a sweet blessing it was to go through their rooms and see there thoughts of God! Praying he hears these prayers and protects them as they grow in the new house! 
What Kinley came up with and wrote in his room! 
Living Room/Entry - the reason why I wanted to do this

Kinley's Room from the hubby

Lanies Room

Lanie's Room

Lanie's Room

Kinley's Room

Guest Room

Dining Room

Kinley's Room

Lanie's writing in her room

Kinley's Room


Living Room



Master Bedroom

Master Closet

Above Punkin's bedside

 Scripture prayers for my husband

Husbands side of the bed

Add caption

Master Bath  Vanity

Master Bath

Master Bedroom

Mudroom leading to garage, a great reminder as we go out into the world each day! I actually need this in a frame the hang there too! 

I believe I have finally decided on my tile shower and tub in the master bath. That was a tough decision but once we got all the different pieces together they looked really nice!

Master Bath floor, shower, shower top, shower flood and border, shew! 

Today we drug the kids out in the rain to pick up the beginning stuff for the master bath and when we went over to the house to drop it off we were totally surprised that the drywall crew was there and about 1/ 3 of the way done hanging all the drywall by 1:00!! Holy smokes batman! We were planning on putting some 2x10 boards between the suds where we will hang the tavs for added support. The hubs had to run home right fast to get his saw and get the boards cut to get them in! 
This was at 1:00pm

Living room at 8:00!! 

Master Bathroom


Talk about some bigs changes for the week! I am excited to go over tomorrow and see exactly how much they finished today as they were still working when we left.