Saturday, May 6, 2017

Week 14

UGH all this rain is making me crazy!! I have never really cared about the rain before but start building a house you it's like you become a hawk over the weather channel.

The plumbing and electrical work were finished up this week. We did a walk through on Tuesday afternoon to be sure nothing had been left out. It is a lot to think about all at once but I believe we managed to get everything where we wanted it.

We ended up needing 10 loads of dirt (ugh not gonna wanna see that bill) but the house looks so much better! Plus it is going to make our driveway much bigger so Kinley and Thomas, uh hum, can have a half court size basketball goal out there. Boys and their toys I guess!

Wednesday they put up all the insulation, we had the inspection done Thursday along with all the sheetrock showing up for that crew to get started!

Before we ever decided to build I always said that if we did build I wanted to cover our house with scriptures. A friend of mine did it to her house a few years ago and I thought it was such a great way to go through the house room by room praying for the future and that God will just cover, bless and protect us as we move into the future. Just us and the drywall crew will ever see those words but in my heart I will know that they are there. I told the hubs about my idea and he even took it upon himself to search out some scriptures that he wanted to write as well.😍😍😍😍

We decided on Thursday evening to have a picnic dinner on the back deck then go through the house covering it with scripture and prayer. 

The kids were slightly confused so I just told them to write anything they wanted to about God. Oh my heart, what a sweet blessing it was to go through their rooms and see there thoughts of God! Praying he hears these prayers and protects them as they grow in the new house! 
What Kinley came up with and wrote in his room! 
Living Room/Entry - the reason why I wanted to do this

Kinley's Room from the hubby

Lanies Room

Lanie's Room

Lanie's Room

Kinley's Room

Guest Room

Dining Room

Kinley's Room

Lanie's writing in her room

Kinley's Room


Living Room



Master Bedroom

Master Closet

Above Punkin's bedside

 Scripture prayers for my husband

Husbands side of the bed

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Master Bath  Vanity

Master Bath

Master Bedroom

Mudroom leading to garage, a great reminder as we go out into the world each day! I actually need this in a frame the hang there too! 

I believe I have finally decided on my tile shower and tub in the master bath. That was a tough decision but once we got all the different pieces together they looked really nice!

Master Bath floor, shower, shower top, shower flood and border, shew! 

Today we drug the kids out in the rain to pick up the beginning stuff for the master bath and when we went over to the house to drop it off we were totally surprised that the drywall crew was there and about 1/ 3 of the way done hanging all the drywall by 1:00!! Holy smokes batman! We were planning on putting some 2x10 boards between the suds where we will hang the tavs for added support. The hubs had to run home right fast to get his saw and get the boards cut to get them in! 
This was at 1:00pm

Living room at 8:00!! 

Master Bathroom


Talk about some bigs changes for the week! I am excited to go over tomorrow and see exactly how much they finished today as they were still working when we left. 


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