Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 17

Week 17 was another rainy week but they managed to get some work done on the outside in-between the rain showers each day!  

This weeks accomplishments include the stone work on the accent wall, one side of soffit and hardie board on, they built our mailbox, started on all the crown in the house and casing the windows and exterior doors and our interior doors showed up, well all but the pantry door. 

Funny story about the mailbox though. An older gentleman in the neighborhood stopped by and told my husband they built our mailbox wrong. Confused my husband asked him how it was wrong to which the man replied "Where would you get your newspaper at?" 😂😂 I think he was baffled when he told him we didn't get the newspaper and didn't have any plans of getting one! LOL

This week we painted 5 different pieces of Hardie board trying to decide on which color to paint the house Just when we thought we had decided we went and bought two more samples and now we are just as confused as ever! 

I'm hoping that the garage doors show up this week along with all the flooring, and they get the interior doors in and trim done....I guess I'm hoping for a lot but mainly that the weather cooperates. All this rain is making me crazy!! 

We still do not have a potential move in date but hoping to get one soon! We close on our house this week so I only have a few more days before I will be swimming in boxes for two months. 

Until next week!

~ Mel

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