Friday, May 5, 2017

Week 13

**Just realized I never hit publich so this was actually last week, another to come tomorrow!**

Week 13
I guess we are getting to the part of building where it all starts running together. There is so much work that goes into the electrical, plumbing, etc. that I have a hard time seeing the little differences each day. I guess from this point it will be just the weekly summary because thinking back I can't remember which little changes happened which days.

The gas plumber showed up this week and they set the fireplace and built up the chimney. We stopped by on Wednesday and they had done some backfilling which really made the outside of the house look different. However we found out really fast that we didn't have enough dirt due to how they had to build the house up, so in came the loads of dirt. I think stowaway 6 of them. We were there when they dropped off one load and the kids liked watching that big truck.
No you can walk into the garage and it feels huge!

The man also came to measure for the insulation. After insulation is in, hopefully next week, the inspector will come out and inspect it all the we will be ready for sheetrock! Ive been told that this is when it slows down...I can see that now. 😬

Now for the other house, we had our inspection on Friday and everything went really well! Nothing major was found and they have ordered the termite inspection and appraisal! We are on our way to closing on this house!

Front Door 



Hey, watch me take a shower!

Need some more dirt! 

This child steps on everything!  
Working on the chimney

What a difference moving some dirt around made! 

Til' Next week!! 

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