Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 16

We had a busy week since it was the last week of school, last soccer game, teacher luncheons then at rip out of state for my niece's graduation. Throw in some rain on top of that and out trips over to the new place in the evenings were fast and furious! 

We ordered all the flooring and in the process realized that since we had picked out real hard wood floor that it had the get acclimated to the house before laying it. This helps with expansion and change in size of the boards (so I'm told...I just go along with it because I'm clueless). However in order for it to acclimate this means our house has to be fully enclosed with the AC/Heat unit up and running. Doesn't seem like that big deal but the unit is in our garage therefore the garage floor had to be done so they could come install the unit. The garage doors have to be installed before they place the unit in there and the hardy board has to be put on the side of the house so the electric company can come set the meter. A LOT must be done before the floor can begin to acclimate to the house. Needless to say that measures a lot out doors is going to happen in the near future.

This week they got all the brick on the house and I am in love with the color we chose. It is hard to image what it will look like on the house based on the little 2'x2' section they show you but it turned out beautifully! 

Thursday they poured the garage floor, started on the soffit and the trim around our windows. Friday we confirmed our garage doors so they should be getting ordered at the beginning of the week. They also sanded the walls, finished the knock down on the ceilings and vacuumed the whole house so they are ready to prime all the walls!


We were out of town for the weekend so we stopped by the house Sunday evening to see if there were any changes and to our surprise they had prepared the front accent wall for stone. The big box of stone had showed up as well so I am hoping that goes on early this week!!


Looking forward to see the changes coming this week!! 


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