Monday, January 28, 2013

Wednesday Weigh-In & Weekend of of Wonders

Ok so it's a little late for last weeks Wednesday weigh-in but I wanted to keep you all updated.

After a 3lb weight gain the week before, I went down 2lbs. I was happy with this. I am struggling though with my exercise. I have so much going on right now that exercise just isn't a priority although I know it should be...gotta work on that.

The other reason I am behind on the post is that two Fridays ago I had a ThirtyOne party at my house. I LOVE to throw a party, even if it's just some wine and cheese, I just love a good party! So having a party and getting some free stuff sounded like an awesome plan!

Well I was hoping to hit the mid mark and end up with about $180 in free stuff. Little did I know that I would totally surpass that and be super close to getting my ENTIRE wish list for FREE!! That was over $700 worth of stuff. So for the next week I bombarded everyone I knew trying to hit the mark...and I did! WOOP WOOP!!

So yes I was very busy last week, lol.

Anyways I also started a 12week House Clean Out for Zawadi, a ministry that The Orbit Village School and Orphanage do for the children every year. Each child gets a bag with their name on it full of goodies. Everything put in those bags are donated so in order to help collect more items this year I have started the clean out Program.

If you'd like to participate, I'd love to have your help and if you live outside of driving distance my goal would be for you to fill one Medium size flat rate shipping box full of stuff then mail it to me! It would cost you around $11 but the amount of stuff you could fit in the box would bring a million dollars worth of smiles!

Here is the Challenge: (This started last week so today starts week 2)


  1.  HATS – children and adults!
  2.  LOTIONS – Any extra bath & body, Avon, or any other lotions that you have sitting around collecting dust
  3.  SOCKS – Children & Adult (without holes please)
  4.  CANDY
  6.  BOOKS – Children & Chapter books
  7.  TOYS
  10.  CLOTHES – T-Shirts, Sweaters, Jeans, etc CLEAN OUT THOSE CLOSETS
  12.  LOOSE CHANGE – It’s time to clean out the cars, couches and change jars then take your lose change and have fun shopping at the Dollar Tree for items for Zawadi
We also got the new brochures printed for Zawadi and I cannot wait to start handing them out!

Highlights from the weekend:

* I just love how much my little boogers love each other. At one point the downstairs door was open and Laniebug was trying to go down the stairs. Kinley has a death grip on her yelling in this pitiful scared voice, NO LANIE NO!! He was terrified that she would fall down the stairs! So blessed that they love each other!

* Friday night we played Kemps and Scene It with our neighbors and best friends. Seriously LOVE every one of my neighbors!

* Got to do a little Zawadi Clearance shopping at Wal-Mart. Everything I got was under .50!

* Now my favorite part of the weekend....ZAC BROWN with the love of my life!

This band is so amazingly talented. They opened the show with Metallica...ummmm YES PLEASE then if I thought it couldn't get better midway through the show they bust out some Nirvana and Aerosmith!! HELLO! I stood amazed then of course my second fave Devil went down to Georgia!

ZBB is a must see in concert band. This is the second time the hubs and I have been to see them and honestly, the next time they come back we will be seeing them again! Their show never gets old and their talent just continues to grow! 
*Sorry for the crappy phone camera pics* :-)

My fave part of the whole weekend though was just being there with my husband. In a world where marriages are falling a part all around me, people my age getting divorces like their haircuts, and people just don't care anymore. I count myself of the blessed few who's marriage is as strong as ever. 

** Now on a somewhat serious note. I just want to clarify a few things. 

First this blog is partially becoming a ministry for me. I want it to inspire others to do more of what God tells them to yet also show you that I am a real person, with real feelings. Feelings that can be hurt very easily. I use this also as somewhat of a journal. A place to pour my feelings, my struggles and my achievements into. Most of you who read this don't know me, and honestly I am thankful for that. This blog has brought some people into my life that even though they were around when I was younger, we now realize the strong connection we have. The connection that true christian sisters get when they get together and start talking about Christ. I am thankful for these new found friendships. 

Second, as it was sung in church on Sunday, "I am just a sinner, saved by grace". I fall, and sometimes I fall alot. Over the past few years as I draw closer with God and study his word more I begin to see His truths with some new light. I will have a scripture pop in my head when certain situations arise. But the one thing he has shown me more and more times is that without HIM I am nothing but with HIM I can do anything. I will stumble, I will fall but graciously by his redeeming blood I have been saved and I am forgiven. It is in those times though that I worry most that what I say here will be thrown back in my face. 

This brings me to the third and final point I'd like for you all to know. Everything that I have done in the months past, every post I make, every picture I post of items for Zawadi, any and every type of giving act done. The GLORY is to go to GOD. I never want to take the credit for what he has done through me. I am just His vessel and pray that he will use me in the ways that will glorify him the most. We all make mistakes but I do not want you all thinking that I come on here to brag about what "I" have done. I will only brag on how AWESOME MY God is and how I find it amazing that he will use a sinner like me to bring him glory! 

I pray that each one of you be inspired to live for Christ and that you will ask him to "put in front of you" the best ways they you can serve him!

Happy Monday Ya'll and don't forget to Praise God you are beginning a new week!! :)


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