Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday Weigh-In

Ok ya'll, it's the first weigh in for our office biggest loser and I did not feel like I had lost any weight. I have monitored my portion size, made healthier choices, cut out all pop and sweets. I have also ran from 1-2miles every night except Saturday yet when I got to work this morning to weigh in I felt discouraged. I just didn't feel like I had seen a change in my body at all. Alittle depressing after what you feel to be so much work.

Begrudgingly I stepped up on the scales first thing. Mainly because I wanted to have my first cup of coffee for the morning but I wanted to weigh before I drank or ate anything.

I was shocked to see this!

WHAAAA, I lost almost 4lbs!

Remember I was 149 last Wednesday! Holy cow, that just got me pumped and excited! I felt so good to see that my hard work was paying off. It also made it 10times easier to walk by the KrispyKreme donuts that a co-worker brought in today!

A few tips of things I have changed in my eating habits this past week:

*Do NOT eat after 8pm. Instead of snacking I make myself a cup of Hot Sleepy Time Green Tea with one Sweet-N-Low and one tsp of fresh local honey. The hot tea will fill me up and keep me from craving food
*I have tried to stay under a 1500cal/day diet. Some days I was at 1200 some days I was alittle over but I tried to be sure that I burned more calories then I took in. Which is where my bodymedia band has came in handy since it measures my calories burned all day.
*98% of the time I get atleast 10,000steps/day in. Even if I have to run in place before I go to bed, I hit 10,000.

Happy Hump Day!!


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