Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year, New Me

How many of you watched The Bachelor last night?? I was totally upset to see that the first girl who got a rose turns out to be the house crazy!!

Well it was only a matter of time before I jumped back on the weightloss bandwagon.

This time last year I started training for a half marathon, then like always 6weeks into anything new I was bored so I went on to do Insanity with the hubs. Same deal after that and a month later I was done.

Well this year I am determined to stick it out!!

I wanted to share with you a little contest we do where i work at. Now mind you I work in a Dr office with 40+ women and this time each year everyone is trying to lose weight so this gets fun for us!

We call the the __(INSERT OFFICE NAME HERE)____ Biggest Loser

Each week we weigh in and pay $2 per person.

Whoever has lost the most weight, done based on percentages to make it fair, wins half the money for that week. The other half goes into a "pot".

This goes on for 12 weeks.

At the end of the 12 weeks whoever has the highest percentage of weight loss win the "Pot".

Last year I won (barely) and got like $180!! I was a fun incentive, it held me accountable but it also didn't break the bank. Just designate one person to weigh in to and let them keep the money.

If you work with a group of women trying to lose weight I suggest doing something fun like this!

Also this year our office manager has added to the pot with 4 hours of vacation time for the winner!! WOOP WOOP!!

We weigh in on Wednesday so starting this Wednesday I will post my weigh in and how I have done for the week.
I started off last week at...149!! UGGHHHH

We are headed on vaca in 4 weeks though so I gotta get to 140 by then. Hoping to say bye bye to 2lbs this week! We will see...

Don't forget to go check out the prayer post and see if there is anyone who you can say a prayer for or if there is a way we can pray for you!

I started a new bible study on wednesday and I feel like God has so much in store for me this year but that he is going to use this bible study to help prepare me. We are doing the "Lies Women Believe" study. I am not far at all into it but I like it so far. I think it will make me look deep inside myself though and re-evaluate.

I hope to share some of my insight that I learn during the study with you as well!

Week in Review:

*Two sick babies= no sleep for this momma
*Started using my BodyMedia Band and Love it so far
*Hubs and I had a date night and went to see Ron White then went to my fave little bar and grill for pizza!! Super Fun
*I started running again, up to 1.5miles
*Had lunch with Cyndy Waters from The Orbit Village Project and got some awesome plans underway and started to plan a mission trip for myself, daddy, sis-in-law and maybe hubs for 2014!! I can't wait to share omre about this with you!
*Bug and I went shopping for Zawadi

Pictures at the end since I can't figure out how to move them!
Hope you all have a great week!


This is my New BF! I Love It!

My favorite part of the weekend! Laying in bed with both my kiddos while they play their games in the dark with the DreamLites on!

Helping mommy go through Zawadi bag items!

Blurry Ron White

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