Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Weigh-In & A Blessing

OMG....I knew I had been bad but dang....3lbs?! That's a gain, not a loss.

My past week started with great work outs, running and praying (which really does make the run goes faster) a 4mile run on Saturday then Sun-Tues was filled with Dunkin Donuts, Brownies and was like I had a total relapse and forgot what the heck I was doing!

Oh well I seen it on the scale this morning and I am determined to do better next week. Maybe it's what I needed to make me realize I'm not 15 anymore and can't eat like that and expect to stay thin, even with workouts.

Ok so next week I will be back down to last week! Sorry no picture, after stepping on the scale the first time I couldn't make myself get back on it again!

I started one bible study this week, "Lies Women believe". We are only on chapter 1 but boy is it hitting home some. It is amazing how after we havve heard a lie so many times in our minds it becomes truth. Such a great study with a great group of women!

On Monday I received a HUGE blessing. At the beginning of December I sent another Christmas package to my son in Africa, David. I was starting to get discouraged when it hadn't arrived as of last week. Sometimes the packages won't make it through customs because of the corrupt nature of the government over there. I was heart broken becuase not only did this package contain clothes, a few small toys, books and a letter to him but it contained "Charlie Brown Christmas Story". Not just the book but a recordable book that I had recorded for him in my own voice. I was so excited for him to receive this. I can remember being little and dreaming about someone specific and thinking, "If only I could hear their voice". I can't imagine being in his situation and hoped that this book would help draw him closer to us.

After praying all weekend that the box wouldn't get stuck in customs I received a message from Cyndy saying Orbit has received a phone call from the post office and they had something. I prayed that it was his package and a few hours laters I received these pictures.

As I opened up the picutres I just sat here and cried.

I cried that God had heard my prayer and got my box to Orbit safely.

I cried seeing the joy on his face as he looked through the box.

I cried at seeing how cute he was wearing some of Kinleys clothes and shoes.

But then I cried because I seen him looking and listening to the story that I had recorded for him. Knowing that at that moment he was hearing my voice for the first time. At the moment when the story ends he would hear me tell him that I loved him.

I cried all these tears of joy for my son, David.
Kinley Loved seeing David in the glasses that he picked out for him!

In this moment my heart melted <3

A little later after Cyndy had posted the pictures, Edwin, the manager at Orbit, said this about David getting his box.

 "I wish you were here, you would have seen David dancing like the King David entering the palace with thanks giving in his heart."

What a blessing to hear these words.

That has been the highlight of my week. All others things, problems and troubles came to a halt on Monday afternoon when I got the message that he received our box.

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