Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The 411 of Me

So I have quite a few new followers and I am extremely grateful for each one of you! You coming back is what keeps this blog alive!

I thought since most of you now do not know me I would give you a short version of me, Past, Present & Future.

Here We Go:


Born & Raised in good ole' West Virginia (the state, not the western part of Virginia). I grew up in Bolt, WV. Hometown of Little Jimmy Dickens, swear to it! There is a sign as you are entering Bolt!

Very small town, everyone knew everyone, everyone knew everyone's business, everyone told on everyone.

My parents are still happily married and love each other very much. I am inspired to have a relationship like theirs. There was def ups and downs growing up but at the end of the night it all came back to God, Each Other and Us.

The "US" was my younger brother and me. Believe it or not, we didn't fight!! Yep never had one knock down drag out fight. Would we argue some? Yes. Would we get on each others nerves some? Yes. But when it came down to it we loved each other very much and are still close to this day.

*INSERT NOTE* I contribute part of us not fighting to my mother who would terrify us when we would argue by saying "You don't know what God plan is and people die everyday, wouldn't you feel awful if something happened to your brother/sister and the last thing you were doing was fighting?" Oh yeah, she'd totally scare the crap out of me making me think he might die. But it worked and honestly even with my own children I want them to know how precious life is and how we should never take a single moment for granted!

I grew up with a close set of friends, had a steady bf throughout high school, was engaged as a senior. Didn't end up getting married but those 4 yrs taught me a few valuable lessons that I will pass on to my daughter one day. Ex) Do not settle down in High School, enjoy your friends, enjoy the football games, enjoy many dates with many different guys and NEVER rush into anything. Regret Sucks...period.

Started college early, was the youngest in my class, picked ultrasound school because it was the thing I could be done with the fastest.

Met my *now hubby* at WVU on a party fun weekend. Turns out he was my very first crush (he also grew up in Bolt, WV) when I was 7. He lived beside my cousin and I used to go over there hoping to get a glimpse of "Punkin". Yes his nickname given to him by his GP was Punkin, Punkin is all I will ever call him and even though now we live in TN, he still can't get away from it.

We spent a lot of time talking that night, and over the next few months our friendship grew into a very strong connection and love. I knew I wanted to marry this man 4 months into the relationship. The rest of the *LOVE STORY* soon to come.

We moved to Sevierville, TN. Got married 4 months later, I worked for 5 years at the very best High Risk Obstetrics Group around and now am the Lead Sonographer at an OB/GYN Group in Knoxville, TN.

Bought a house, had two babies and started a blog!

That was my past.


I just L.O.V.E. watching my babies grow, watching my husband grow into the Godly man he is becoming and figuring out what the next step God would have me take for him.


I'm not real sure what the future will hold. I am hoping to build a home, go to Africa to meet my David (you can read about David here), start another blog <ideas in process> but as long as I am following God's will for my life I know that it will all work out for his glory!

Hope you enjoyed the condenses version of "ME". All I am in just another christian women searching for a heart like God's!


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