Monday, March 11, 2013

Run and Not Grow Weary

"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint"
Isaiah 40:31

When I went out for my evening run I planned on knocking out 4miles and bring done...but God had other plans for me. About 1.5miles in I felt wonderful. Not tired, not hurting just absolutely enjoying the run. That's when I decided to up it to 5m. I haven't ran over 3 in a year so even the 4 was scary for me but 5 I knew would come with a few obstacles. This was my first run outside since January so I was doing hills and pavement. Quite a bit different from the treadmill.

I just kept telling myself "Slow and Steady wins the Race", pretty sure I repeated that to myself about 200times but I kept going.

Halfway through when I'm coming back up the last "big" hill before my return home "Run" by Addison Road comes on.

Run just as fast as you can
Run, 'til you reach the end
Where the fallen finally land
And your world starts over again

Next page, new day, finding my way
Stumble upon the strength to move on
I am not alone in this great big world
And you are not alone in this great big world

My heart melts.

At this point I realize this is not a test of my strength alone but of my faith in God to help me through any obstacle I come upon.

These words went through my ears and straight to my soul. They helped open my eyes to the one who wanted me to enjoy this run. The one who gives me strength everyday to stand strong for what I believe  Who asks that I take care of this body that he gave me.

He is the reason I run.

As I come upon mile 4 my knees start hurting but I don't let that stop me or slow me down. I start to pray asking God to help me continue this run. Build me up so that when small hurts come I can keep going at the same pace in the same direction.

Toward to kingdom of Heaven.

That 5 mile run on Saturday was more then just a run. It was an eye opener for where my heart should be pointed at all times. Even on an afternoon run!

This past run I listened to Keri Jobe Radio on Pandora. I have been listening to it for some time now so I have it tweeked pretty good so there wasn't a song on Saturday I heard that I wasn't singing right along with! Well singing in my head because if I tried to sing and run that probably would have resulted in me out of breath and ditch bound!

I don't have that type of stamina yet!

I had planned on taking 4 week pictures for you all yesterday but I had a stomach flair up which resulted in a majorly bloated stomach with lots of pain. Still not sure what is causing these but it is awful when it happens!

Maybe I can get them done tonight, I'll try.

Today starts week 2 of JE12WP for me and I am pumped to get on it. I haven't lifted for 3 days and I am missing it! Remind me in 2 months when I am complaining about lifting 6days a week that at one point I did "Miss Lifting".
Here is the link to the Printable Page for Day 8!! These can be done at home and if you need some modifications be sure to check out the website!

Saturday I also received a sweet gift in the mail! This A.W.E. some (it's awesome, it's awesome..Totally)-if you were every once a cheerleader you will now be saying that cheer in your head- Grey and White Chevron Headband from HankOrange. She was so stinkin' sweet to send me one to see if it would hold my 10lbs of wild hair out of my face.

Guess what?!

You'll have to wait til tomorrow for the Review but I promise you are not going to want to miss it!! I might just be giving one away too...  ;)

If you need a song to lift you up and help you get motivated to "kick" that voice in your head telling you that you can't try this one.

Hello, My Name is Regret...We have all felt this right??

It's Amazing!!

Come Back tomorrow for the big HankOrange Headband Review and GIVEAWAY!! You won't be disappointed I promise!!



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