Monday, March 4, 2013

THE BEGINNING- 12 Weeks Workout

Well today marks the beginning of Jamie Easons 12 week workout. Considering I was attacked by the vicious stomach bug yesterday my start might be a little slower than most.

I'm currently doing the Paleo dieting plan so I will keep my eating the same but if you are not you should look at all of her suggestions for eating. She gives you a day by day guide for what to eat!

Also some of the exercises she shows you on a weight machine. If you do not have a gym membership or cannot find the time to stop at the gym she gives you alternative exercises that you can do.

I will post my measurements tonight for the beginning and update with my weight on Wednesday.

I have been running and would like to continue to run and work my way up to 13.1 but if you follow her plan precisely you will not do cardio for the first 4 weeks.

Be sure and visit her website because there is all kinds of fantastic information and some great videos to watch!!

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Click on the exercise to learn more ways to complete it the Click on FULL DETAILS and this next picture will come up with the Alternative Exercises

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BLEHH Beginning..

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