Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

Well today is the end of our Office Biggest Loser contest. I am super proud of the winner. In my 3 years of working here I have never known her to attempt a diet and she has roughly stayed the same size. 208 was her starting weight and her ending weight is 188! 9.6% weightloss! She makes me so proud!!

Although I did not win I am very proud of how far I have come. Especially since the first few weeks I couldn't get my crap together and would bounce back and forth. Really hoping that this time I do a must better job at maintaining.

Today I weighed in at:

Yeah so I took the picture sideways so it would come out correctly...<insert rolling eyes>

I am so close to my goal weight but I think I want to push it out a bit more. My new goal weight is 128! That is 9 more lbs. I think if I can get to that then I will be perfectly content, well if it is possible to be perfectly content with your body as a woman.

I also shared this sneak peek to my awesome MamaLaughlin Fit Camp ladies last night. I will be doing full body pics and measurement this Sunday as I end Jamie Eason Phase 1 so look for that next week!
Yeah baby look at that itty bitty bicep there

I keep informing my BFF that she needs to get a new phone because I want to send her pics of my biceps...she would appreciate them I am sure! I might even have a "Buy Melissa a new Phone" fundraiser...seriously I need someone to text these guns too!!

Alrighty well I am done rambling for the day! But while you're here go check out this dudes awesome blog! Not many men in the blogging world and I totes forgot to give him credit yesterday during the Finish This Sentence Link Up!! MEET JAKE HERE

Happy HUMP Day Ya'll!! 

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