Monday, May 20, 2013

Clean Eating Food Prep

Yesterday I did all my food prep for Breakfast, Snacks and Lunch for the week.

I shopped for dinners but will be cooking those each evening. We mostly grill during the summer months so the dinners will be simple for a while.

{If you are not following me on IG you totes should be so you could have seen some of these awesome pics in the making} @Sweetsouthernmel

Ewww gross right?!

You can look back here at the Menu for the week. Fairly simple to put together. The Jamie Eason Monster Meatloaf was the only major cooking I did. It looked like vomit precooking but pretty tasty when it came out of the oven. I guess we will see at lunch today just how good it is.

Breakfast & AM Snack
I did not do the overnight oats this week because I forgot to get those on Saturday and didn't want to be fixing them into individuals containers this morning. I barely make it out the door on time anyways, I can't be trying to do more stuff in the morning.

I will be having eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast all week and I think I might try some Egg/Banana pancakes this weekend. YUM YUM

PM Snack

Cooked Monster Meatloaf
Also please remember that the hubs is doing this with me. I am so excited about this because I can't stand to let him win anything. We are very competitive with each other, in a fun way but competitive none the less. We have 5 weeks til we leave for the beach and I know that he is dead set on getting through this challenge and getting "beach ready" as he calls it! This will help me hold myself even more accountable knowing that if I slip up I'm letting him gain on me ;)

A little weekend rewind:

My last sip of McD's Iced Coffee for 30 days....<tears> Oh how I'll miss thee

Baby girl is growing up, First time having painted toes like mommy <tears>

I busted out some #BEASTMODE at the gym on Friday...yeah buddy those are 20's
{and I am in spandex at the gym...SAY WHAAAAT? I stayed in the ladies only room though ;) }

Look at those Quads  #BEASTMODE

This little guy got trapped in our skimmer...I was ready to kung-foo his butt if he jumped out of that thing on me when I took the lid off but he was kind and gave me a few seconds to run back...and snap a pic

He was totes posing

Birthday Party Planning is in full swing and I am so excited for Kinleys Camping Party! And check out these totally cute invites I found on etsy! They are totally customizable which is perfect for me since I am forever changing my mind about stuff!  I still can't believe he turns 5 next month though. <tears>


Summer Fun (when it wasn't raining)
We also had his Soccer Awards night but those pics got taken with the good camera so they won't make it to a computer for a few days...well probably a few weeks cause I'm a procrastinator like that.

Happy Monday Ya'll!


  1. oh my word i love some mc donalds iced coffees in summer! great meal planning...and i love your tank!

  2. Oh how awesome do you look at the gym! I painted mini's nails this weekend. Note to self, Ned 60 sec polish LOL

    1. Susan I bought some Sally Henson Insta-Dry polish drops. It is like a clear oil that dries them in just a few seconds!! We didn't have one smudge! I got it is Wal-Mart in a little red bottle! :)