Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ABC's from Fit Bottom Girls & Transformation Tuesday

Have you heard of the Fit Bottomed Girls?

I hadn't until yesterday. I don't know how they have been missing from my life for so long! Such an inspirational group of ladies with one common goal. Being fit and healthy!

 They have been writing for 5 years this week and are celebrating their anniversary with some A.W.E.SOME giveaways so be sure you go over their and check them out! I wanted to share with you though their most recent post!

I have been struggling lately. I know I want to be around for a long time for my kiddos. I know I don't want to be in and out of the hospital. I know how terrible I feel when I am not working out or eating correct. I know all these things yet after a few months of "being good" I find myself slowly falling off the healthy bandwadgon. I slowly trickle back to the old me of eating whatever I want.

We all know that cutting one day leads to cutting 2, then 3 then before you know it I don't have the "time" to workout and eat right. Then next year on Jan 1st I will yet again make another vow to lose the weight but THIS TIME I'm going to keep it off.

 DANG vicious cycle!

 The Fit Bottom Girls say;

 "Do these things—no, live these—and, well, we pretty much guarantee that you’ll be healthy and happy—and having a darn good time."

Oh boy well what are these things?

ABCs of Being an FBG 

A: All good things in moderation. 

B: Believe that you can.

C: Create your best and healthiest life. 

D:.....Click here to read the rest

The list goes all the way to Z and I HIGHLY encourage you to go over and read the rest! It is an excellent reminder that we can do/be whatever we want to be if we follow simple principles in life.

I have some wonderful guest posts coming up here soon. Hopefully to motivate us and help us keep on track with becoming healthy! 

Happy Transformation Tuesday! 

I will leave you with a little transformation pic of 
*yours truly*

Left- Christmas 12' (I know I look preggo right?!)  Right- May 13'

Love my little boogers!