Thursday, May 16, 2013

Set A Goal, Live Your Dream

I <3 this saying

This applies to so many areas of life.




Raising Children

I am a dreamer. I dream of my "One Day Home". I dream of the trips we will take as a family. I dream of chasing my children on the beach with absolutely no worries of my physical appearance. I dream of being 100% debt free. The dreams go on and on.

I did a series on Debt Dumping last fall and if you are just joining me you can read that here. I talked about how my husband and I got out of over $30,000 of debt over an 18month period with only 1 income most of that time.

It was all because we set down, made a plan, and stuck to it.

I don't want my marriage to be "Just a Dream". A good marriage takes a lot of work, effort and love. Make a plan, it might sound silly but sit down, write out 5 planned things to do for your spouse this week and do them. Stick to it and you will be amazed at the results! Your goal will become reality. The same with children, you and your spouse need to make a plan for how you are going to raise your children. Will some of that change over time? Yes, but if you have a plan already set in place then that will take out many unnecessary arguments in the future.

Meeting your goals takes time. Not just the time to get there but the time to plan and time to stick to those plans.

For the next month (starting on Monday) the hubs and I {yes I got him to agree to do this with me} are going to do a Whole30 Challenge. Change our eating habits to completely clean with very very little room for mistake. This #Whole30 Challenge is part of my "plan" for getting that body that I have always longed for. I no long want to dream of that body but I want to live it!

This is going to be a challenge because it will take more effort on the weekends and more planning but I truly believe that this is one of the only ways to get myself to my goal.

Do you already eat a Clean diet? If so would you please share some easy and quick recipes! I know there are a bazillion online but I want to know what is tried and true the best!

Would you like to do this challenge with me? Use #melsclean30 on IG! I would love to see what food you are creating and eating!

Start date Monday, May 20th





See The menu for Week 1 Here


  1. Check out theclothesmakethegirl blog. She lives whole 30 and she usually has pretty good recipes. Tough thou she is a little fancy.

  2. Interesting! I am going to check out now. I like the concepts you are talking about!

    1. Oh girl I LOVE I haven't used a check register in 2 yrs!!