Monday, May 6, 2013

The Beauty of It All

Good Monday Morning Ya'll!!

Saturday morning was the perfect morning for a run. The kiddos let us sleep until 7:45 (that is unheard of) plus Lanie slept all night. <She's been very hit or miss on her sleeping lately, I think it's lack of physical activity in the wheres the blasted warm weather>

The weather was cloudy and in the upper 50's. I have found that I am am a much better runner in the cold. The heat just drains me in no time and honestly 3miles in 70degree weather is harder than 6miles in upper 50s.

I drove to a church right down the road, put my key in my bra (hoping to have a solution to that little problem here very very soon), and took off. At first I wasn't paying much attention to anything besides the pavement but then the more I looked around me the more beauty I took in.

Truth is, I live in a beautiful area. I am surrounded by the Smokey Mountains and even with all the tourons you can't miss the beauty of it all.

I began to thank God for all this beauty. 

When we actually take the time to look and take it all in we see the true beauty that God sees. He made the Earth, he made the trees on the earth, he made the mountains, He made the valleys. I was going through all these things he has made which led me here.

He Made Me...

Oh wow, I knew it but did I really "Get It"?

He made me, after His own image and when he looks at me...He Sees Beauty.

He doesn't see the messed up hair that needs cut.

He doesn't see that my nail and toes haven't been done in MONTHS or how desperately I need a tan...

He doesn't see the extra skin I have from carrying 2 babies, or from the fact that I am a bit bloated because I ate 2 peices of pizza last night.

To Him I am beautiful just as I am...just as He made me.

I long to please him, to have Him guide and direct my life.

Realizing this doesn't make me want to let myself go but only work harder to make my body a strong temple for Him. 

I want to bring him glory and honor. 

I want to be his hands and feet.

I want to be able to answer his call and if he says "Go run this to bring me glory" I want to be able to do it.


YOU were CREATED in GOD's image

OUR BEAUTY comes from within Him

Just because someone on the outside might not see the beauty doesn't mean it's not there.

There is beauty in all things, we just have to STOP & LOOK for it!

Let me just say that I have not found a "Non-Beautiful" friend through this journey yet. Each one of you have been put in my life for a reason. Whether it's a word of encourage at the right time or someone to hold me accountable without judgement or condemnation when I fall.

There is so much beauty out there that we take for granted every day!
Love when I can actually run the hill! 
Awww The Smokey Mountains! Beautiful! 

Join me on Wednesday for an all new Link-Up Party as a way to remind ourselves of all the great fitness we have done over the past week! Use your fitness story to encourage someone else!
Sweet Southern Mel



  1. I love this! He has dealt with me on the way I feel about myself and the fact that He made me just as I am. I am learning to look at myself differently and having a husband that tells me I am perfect to him is an answered prayer in itself... When I was searching for my soulmate in high school, praying for him everyday, I prayed that I would find a man to love me for me, dimples in the uhhhh hummm and all... :)

  2. ahh you are so lucky! do you live in TN? we want to move there so bad!

    1. Yes we live between pigeon forge and knoxville. We have been here 8 yrs and love it!