Monday, May 13, 2013

Cookies Make Me Poop


I hope you enjoyed your day immensely  I took the entire day off! No workout, no cleaning, no cooking. Just simply laying back relaxing while the littles played. After all Mother's Day only comes once a year!

I wanna start the week off with some good old fashioned crap talk.I am having a slight problem.

Yeah buddy those are size 4!! 

Friday was my second annual Spring Shopping Trip. We (the BFF & I) save and save for a few months so we can spend all day shopping til we drop. This year was even more fun than last because we both were in a smaller size!! I actually got this ghetto booty of mine into a size 4 shorts! WOOP WOOP!!

Let me give you a little back story.

Two weekends ago we had a Family Fun Movie Night at my house. When we do this we always have pizza, cookies and popcorn. While I managed to stay away from the popcorn due to bloating however I did divulge in the cookies. Saturday morning I woke up, ran, came home and had some major bowel/bathroom issues. I chalked this up to the greasy pizza the night big deal.

Well on thursday night I had a Southern Grace Home Shopping Party where I served appetizers and chocolate chip cookies. Once again I divulged and had 2 cookies. I could have been a lot worse considering I had cheesecake there too but stuck with only 2 cookies as my dessert. 

Now back to Friday morning. Before I left to take the littles to school I had an "episode" of stomach pain and a bathroom run. No big deal, right?? Well after the littles are at school and the BFF and I make it to Kohls my stomach literally hit the floor. I spent a good portion of time in the bathroom trying to figure out what in the world was wrong with me?!

Only thing I can figure is that Chocolate Chip Cookies make me poop.

I guess it's a good thing since my body is ridding itself of the bad stuff I put into it but holy moly I am not digging these stomach pains that comes along with it.

Does anyone else have these problems?? Is there something in cookies that trigger the gut response? I guess it is a good reminder of why I need to stay away from the "bad" for me food!

I'm hoping to have a couple guests posts for you all soon and one will be some yummy "GOOD" for you food recipes coming from one of my fave clean eating IG girls!

How are you all doing on your SweetMel's Summer AB Challenge? I am liking it pretty well so far but man is it tough! Only a few more days til we move into Phase 2!!

I am also going to link up today with Jess over at Operation Skinny Jeans and her Weekly Goals!!

Operation Skinny Jeans

I really need to do better about setting these goals and sticking to them!

1) Get up atleast 3 mornings and workout...this means I must see 5am 3 times in the next 4 days!

2) Go through my clothes and get rid of those that are not flattering and that does not fit! I don't want to keep those size 10 jeans because this momma ain't gonna see that again!

3) Plan more healhy meals for next week (I'm in a rut of some ole same ole food and need a change)

Those are my weekly goals, Ya'll gotta hold me to em'!

Now I will leave you with a few pictures from my fabuloso weekend! (yes fabuloso is totes a word)

The end of our Annual Shopping Trip

Home from church with my ltitles and they were not happy about posing for a pic!

While the littlest one napped I relaxed by our not ready yet pool and read some of my awesome book!
(Giveaway coming soon)

She is just too stinkin' cute!

My new fave outfit from Southern Grace Boutique!
Go like her page here on FB and tell her SweetSouthernMel Sent ya!

My handsome little man ready to take his momma to dinner!

Perfect way to end a wonderful Mother's Day! Thank you hubby for the fire! 


  1. you haven't been eating dairy on your diet, right? that's probably what's upsetting your stomach. Once you don't have dairy, it's kinda hard to adjust back to again. You've done INCREDIBLE!!! You should be so proud!!

  2. It might be dairy! I stayed away from it during my last pregnancy some and then when I tried to have it post baby , it killed my stomach!! Now I have to take a lactaid (pill for people with lactose intolerance) before I have dairy or better yet just stay away as much as possible. Milk and ice cream are the biggest no's but usually other stuff I can tolerate in small doses.

  3. Your last picture is a dream come true! Relaxing with wine ..

  4. Great pictures! I am going to start sending you pictures when I shop so I know if it is actually a good look on me :). Hmmm on the cookies - chocolate, flour, eggs, butter, sugar. Any chance someone used Splenda in them? Or are you using Splenda and it was the sugar?

  5. I have the same problem I eat really clean during the week and then in the weekend I will stray, and I get the worst stomach pains like a hot poker. I'm not sure if mine is dairy like the first two comments said or just that rich greasy food does it? I have a list that I make every time it happens and try to remember to stay away from it.