Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's Here, IT'S HERE!!!

I can't believe we are at the end of April. Here in good ole' East Tennessee we are having what I consider weird weather. Normally we have about a month of spring in March then by April we are moving quickly into summer. Well we are still having spring with 60 degree weather and rain...I hate it! I am ready for summer, I'm ready to plant the garden (we haven't even done that yet since we have a freeze warning last week), ready to open the pool and start to get my tan on! 

This whole having winter in March and spring in April and what looks to be May is for the birds...I think I need to move to FL. If only I could convince the hubs...hmmmmm

Enough about the weather. I wanted to share my weekend review with you before the big Summer AB Challenge that kicks off tomorrow. I am down to 8 weeks before we leave for the beach...only 8 weeks! That really isn't a lot of time in the world of toning your body. Losing weight yes, toning no. Toning takes time and patience...neither of which I have very much of!

The rest of the fitness stuff is for tomorrow and the next 6 weeks!

For now I must tell you about my awesome weekend! 

I have been counting down to packign for Zawadi for months now. I have blogged several times about this ministry and how it tugs at my heart strings so much. Well this past weekend we packed...and packed and packed! It was great! 

Friday me, Cyndy and Muteya (Cyndys son) moved all the items we had collected to the church. We set them up and divided everything by class. That was a JOB. I was on my feet all day long, I even skipped my workout that night! WHAT?! I know but let me tell ya moving all those boxes and walking as much as I did I def got a workout in. Plus I have to be back at the church at 7:30 the next morning...I needed my rest! 

Getting some things ready for David's box that will go over with Cyndy and teh Zawadi items. He will have his "own" container to keep all his items in at the Orphanage...this is very rare! 

Box is packed! Sheets, pillowcases, handmade blanket (well fleece tied blanket) a backpack, shoes, clothes, puzzle, glow sticks, a bible and a photo album of his American family

It's hard to read but I want him to know every time he looks at his box that we love him to the moon and back just as I tell my own children here.

Saturday morning arrived and people just started flowing in at 8. We had around 80 voluteers, Krispy Kreme donated donuts (ehem...I might have ate 1...or 3) and Starbucks donated coffee. People got to work on the bags after we gave directions and in a matter of 2 hours we had over 500 Zawadi bags packed!! 

My favorite part though was getting to see my son pack David. our sponsor childs', bag. The main thing when packing these bags was to pray for each child specifically when you pack the bag. 
Packing David's bag and praying for him

I can't wait to see the picture of David holding his bag!

So that is what he did and it melted my heart to hear him say "Dear God please keep David safe, don't let no one steal his toys, and let him love you". What a blessing to see him serving God and others. Major proud mommy moment. 

So we got all the bags packed up, put in boxes and ready to ship to Africa! Don't worry after they have Zawadi in June I will post the pictures for you to see!! What an amazing site it is!

After all the events of Friday and Saturday we decided that Saturday night should be a Family Fun movie night. We ate pizza (yes I did) we made popcorn and we ate cookies (yep ate that too). Watch Finding Nemo and just enjoyed a relaxing evening together. That is until I got sick from eating too much junk and ended up going to bed. BLEH after such a huge eating style change you really feel it when you mess up!

Sunday morning I still wasn't feeling the best so I stayed in bed for a while longer then got up, ready and hit the town. It was a nasty rainy day so we ran some errands (like getting to VS so I could use my rewards cards before they expired). <SIDE NOTE> Has anyone realized that since losing weight you want nice undies and bras??

 Seriously I have this obession now my my panties and bras matching...WTC? Ain't Nobody Got Time for Dat!

Ugh but I oblige I did get 2 more bras.

The weekend was wonderful and even though the weather was awful the entire time we got to have many memorable family moments and we got to do one more thing in teaching our children how to have a heart like Christ, my ultimate goal!

How was your weekend?? Any memorable family moments to share? :)

If you are joining me for the Summer AB Challenge I will be posting Phase 1 on Instagram today and posting all 3 phases on the blog tomorrow! Be sure to check back and follow me on IG! Let me know you are doing this journey with us! 


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