Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Running Will Never Be the Same

Well I had some plans for a post today but as I sit here at the computer it just doesn't seem right to post about weight loss, exercise and the fun weekend we had.

Tragedy has once again struck our country yet this time, as of now, we are oblivious of where it came from. That scares me more then you could know.

I have yet to run a half marathon yet but I often daydream when running about crossing the finishline. I dream of having my family there to hug and congratulate me. This be proud of such a huge accomplishment. Never EVER dreaming that in the midst of such a honoring moment that it could all come tumbling down.

I can't image the fear, stress, anxiety, sick, gut wrenching heartbreak and pain that all those affected are feeling. I'm sad that they have fallen victim to yet another gruesome act of evilness.

That is all this is, pure evilness.

Trials and tribulations define a lot of who we are. They make us or break us. They can turn us cold and bitter or make us love that much harder.

I pray for all those effected of by this horrible tragedy  I pray that they will not become bitter. That families will come closer together and not fall apart. That comfort will envelope them. I pray that neighbors and communities will reach out a loving supportive hand. I pray justice will be served. Most of all though I pray that God will give those families peace. In their darkest hour may they turn to the healer of all hearts.

Running will never be the same. Not for me or the other millions of runners around the world. One thing is for sure though I will never run again without thinking off all those affected. My runs will begin with prayers for them all and then prayers for my safety.

We live in a fallen world friends....I don't know about you but I'm ready for Jesus.

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