Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Second Chances

I just wanted to share a small highlight reel from my Easter weekend.

Friday the kiddos and I went to the mall to get Kinley an Easter shirt. They played in the kiddie area and were good as gold while mommy got her free undies from VS and tried on yet another dress for Easter. The winner came from The Limited...and it was 50% off!! WOOP WOOP

Saturday started with a run. I had only planned on doing about 6-7miles but around mile 3 I decided to push farther than I have pushed before and did 9. I have the Color Me Rad 5K this Saturday but I am thinking Sunday might be the day I break double digits.
Does anyone know why these screen shots come out so blurry? 10m57s pace

Sunday was filled with fun. Woke up to watch the kiddos get into their Celebration Baskets. It was Easter, Christ has Risen, sounds to me like a great reason to CELEBRATE!

Went to church and listened to a wonderful message. It wasn't your typical "Easter Service" message but a message of how God can take one broken man with a broken past and headed for the grave at a fast rate and turn him into an amazing Christian speaker/pastor. If you have time I urge you to go listen to this message! The message is called Second Chances and it well worth your time! Please let me know if you listen, I'd love to know what you think!

After church I did a little bit of cooking then we headed to our family away from family's home for Easter Dinner, an indoor egg hunt (because it was cold) and letting the kiddos name their new baby chics! We now have a Flower, Cookie, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse & Pookie Pie (yes my Kinley named pookie pie and I have no clue where that came from).

We went home to rest,  did food prep for the cleanse and just enjoy some family time!

I hope your weekend was filled with as much fun and family enjoyment as mine!

Also join me this month on my facebook page as we pray for our children. My pastor gave out a list of 31 specific prayers to pray for our children. Each day this month I will share one and hope that you will take a moment to pray this specific prayer for your child/children!

Weekend Recap in Pics! 
Oh he's getting so big! 

We love each other!

Now I'm mad and I don't know why!

Seriously mom, More pictures?!

Getting ready for Dinner and BTW my awesome cousin made Lanies ADORABLE dress for me! 

Best Buds Eva!


Love Us! 

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