Thursday, April 11, 2013

The End of The Cleanse and a WINNER

Well yesterday was the official end of the 10 days cleanse however I ended it myself on day 8.

Actually I even kinda slacked off on day 5 then it was a downhill battle the next 3 days that left me feeling defeated, agitated and grouchy. I finally threw in the towel, got back on track with Paleo and feel good now.

First let me say that I LOVED the product. The Fiber Drink mixed with some Trop50 I thought was awesome! I am notorious for not getting enough fiber in my diet leaving me bloated and constipated which then plays forward to get the picture. So this fiber drink really helped to regulate my system. I wish I could just buy the fiber drink.

The Herbal Cleanse tabs also felt natural to me. I never once had stomach cramps or any other problems that go along with a cleanse.

I'm am and have been for a while now a huge advocate of Probiotics. So adding these into the cleanse was a no brainer for me! I LOVE my Probiotics!

My problem came with the diet.

As most of you know I have been about 80% Paleo for almost 2 months now. My body was used to very little grain, very little dairy and very very little sugar. The cleanse diet has you incorporating some grains back into the diet. I chose to not do this for fear that it might bloat me up since I was accustomed to not having it.

I did food prep for the first 4 days but by day 4 I was OVER what I was eating and left feeling like I didn't have many other options. I had ate my fill of chicken and fish but I could have the pork or red meat I had been allowing myself to have.

I believe that is when the downward spiral started. Friday I pack for Zawadi almost all day and didn't stop at all for lunch. I had took some good snacks but by Friday evening I was starving and exhausted therefore for dinner we

I vowed to be good on Saturday. Got up, ate my eggs, went and ran a 5K with my SIL came home starving so what did I have? Pizza...tsk tsk

*Let me say though that I was rocking out to Jamie Easons Phase 2 all week still yet which could have contributed to my hungriness as well*

After that it was downhill. I found myself wanting food I hadn't even wanted before the cleanse began then I would feel bad and try to get back on track through the day but still so hungry by evening time that I would binge.

On day 8 I threw in the towel. Staying on the cleanse routine was not working for me. I have decided that a 3-5day cleanse would be better for me and honestly I might even do the 10 day cleanse again but break it up into 2 parts.

Oh and I tried Spark for the first time. Spark is Advocare Energy Drink mix! Holy Moly that stuff is the bomb! I am ordering a big tub of that. It left me with tons of energy but no racing heart, no jitters and I didn't "crash" after a few hours either! You MUST try Spark!

So I have been dreading today. I got on the scale once during my cleanse and it had went down but that was before my downward spiral.

Here are the stats from the beginning in case you forgot (because I know I already did)

Starting weight 10days ago:

Arms: 11 1/4

Booty: 39 1/2
Lower Waist: 33 3/4
Upper Waist: 29
Thigh: 23

Todays Weight:

Arms: 10 3/4
Booty: 38 1/2
Lower Waist: 33
Upper Waist: 27 
Thigh: 22

Total Weight Loss: 2.2lbs
Total Inches Lost: 5 1/4 inches

To say I am happy with this is an understatement! I am ecstatic! I never would have thought that I would have lost that must. Especially since half of the cleanse was me being a tyrant food pig! 

If you need any Advocare I have to help "my lady" out because she has been so awesome with me throughout this whole process! Go check out Susans website here! She is phenomenal wealth of knowledge when it comes to this stuff! 

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I want to take a minute to thank each of my readers. My accountability to you helps keep me going and your encouragement and support means more than you could ever know! 


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  1. Looks like you did great! Thanks for the shoutout with Advocare. I do love my Spark too. :)