Monday, April 1, 2013

Advocare Cleanse Day 1

Well I started to Advocare 10 Day Cleanse today. 

I'm hoping this will help me lose a little more weight. I am getting to where my plateau is and I would love to keep pushing right past it. 

I did food prep yesterday which took about 2 hours. Not terrible and it is nice to know that all my food for the week is done. Well all except dinner. The hubs is going to grill a lot for me this week so I will only have to chop up veggies!

Menu for the week is:
B-Eggs, eggs and more eggs
AM S- Berries and peaches and egg yolks
L- Tilapia, steamed veggies and a sweet potato
PM S- (hahaha pms) Green Apple and cashews
D- Something grilled with grilled zucchini and grilled peppers

This is basically what I am going to be eating this week.

You can follow my meals in IG @sweetsouthernmel

Now it is time for some Before and Afters

My before pics and measurements are from 6 weeks ago when I started the Paleo Lifestyle

My After/Before Cleanse pics are from yesterday
Same with the measurements

Beginning Cleanse Weight is 138.4

Arm: 18 3/4 <This was a typo and now I don't know what my beginning measurement was but it was never 18! lol :( > 
Lower Waist: 35
Booty: 42
Thigh: 24

Arms: 11 1/4
Booty: 39 1/2
Lower Waist: 33 3/4
Upper Waist: 29
Thigh: 23

There will be another set of measurements to come in 10 days

I am actually surprised by the different I can see!
The scale shows a difference, my clothes show a difference and now I can start to see it in pics!!

Is anyone else doing the cleanse right now? I'd love for you to link up here and let me know your progress as well!! 

One more thing! I just got an awesome new *SURPRISE* in for a giveaway coming up this week! Who's Ready For It??!?!


  1. I am doing the cleanse as well :)

    Did you get my comment about the Liebster award?

    1. Yes I sure did! I was nominated by 2 ppl! YAY! LOL I do not hardly blog on the weekend because it is when I am home with my little family. I will try to get it up this week! :) Thanks for the nomination and for reading! Good luck with your cleanse and let me know how you do!! I'm excited to see how I feel at the end!

  2. My wife and sister-in-law are all starting this week, just put our order in! we seem to be on a similar path (hitting our paleo plateau) I wish you the best of luck!

    Cheers, Brandon