Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Team "Lift A Booty"

Two posts is 1 day....again?! 


This time I bring ask if you would join my team? We are "TEAM LIFT A BOOTY
#teamliftabooty for IG

So I started to squat challenge yesterday (I know on the 16th, no specific day, I just got excited and decided to bust it out). Plus I ordered myself a new bikini this weekend so that might have given me the extra boost. (Pics to come as soon as I get it)

Here is the Squat Challenge that I, along with many other people,
are doing now.

But me being the Overachiever that I am decided that 1 Squat Challenge, plus Jamie Eason wasn't enough...let's do 2 Challenges!! WHO's WITH ME?! 

Come on ladies we have a very short time before we are in shorts and bathing suits full time! Let's make these legs rock!

My second challenge is very similar to the first but instead of regular Squats I am doing Plie' Squats. It progresses a little slower than the first challenge and at the end of the 30days you are up to 200. 

If you are doing these with me join my TEAM and use #teamliftabooty on IG!! I wanna see you guys workin it! ;)

I'm only on day 2 so hope on in and join us!



  1. I will join in after my 1/2! I totally want to do it, but think maybe getting a super sore butt just before is a bad idea :)

    1. Awesome! When is your 1/2? It is coming up soon right?? I can't wait to read about it and you are right running with a sore butt wouldn't be much fun!

  2. Do you do all the squats at once or do you break it up throughout the day? I've always seen this challenge and wondered.

    1. Crystal, I normally do them all together. I have been doing Jamie Eason's LiveFit program for about 6 weeks though so my legs are pretty strong. I'm on day 10 and can still do them all together. By that I mean, 25 break for 1min then 25-35more then break. Keep that up until I have them all done. However if I know I am not going to have a lot of time at night to do them I will do them during the day in between patients. So I guess it is really whatever works best for your schedule. 100 squats a day is still 100squats a day whether it is together or divided up! :)