Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Becoming Confident & SCY Giveaway

Over the past couple weeks I have been reflecting on some things in my life.

My weight hasn't always been a struggle. I was never "100% happy" with my body but I wasn't dieting either. I cheered, drank mt. dew 3 times a day, ate whatever the heck I felt like and stayed roughly the same. All this was High School.

Went to college, gained the freshman 15, lost the sophomore 20, then gained the "I'm in a happy relationship going to get married soon" 20. Got married realized I had gained weight and have bounced from 133-145 back and forth about 7times over the past 8 years. Top weight was 150 without pregnancy and 163 when pregnant.

While I haven't had a HUGE struggle (ex losing 100+ lbs) it has still been a struggle for me. A struggle is a struggle regardless of how ya slice it.

I hear people say "You look great where you are at" or "You don't need to lose weight". I believe that they are being honest and I DO NOT  feel ugly. I just lack confidence.

I have evaluated how my confidence level effects me personally and I have found this:

*When I am comfortable with my size I am more open to my husband "feeling me up" lol yes I even flaunt it to him at times just to get a reaction.

*When I am confident I am more outgoing around others.

*When I am confident I don't hide behind my husbands shirts and basketball shorts because mine are too tight.

*When I am confident I am happier.

Now I have found a few tricks though to being comfortable and confident in your own skin. Not every ones comfort level will come at 130lbs. It might be 198, 175, 160 or 150. The key I believe though is presenting yourself in a modest fashion.

Sorry if I offend anyone with these next few statements but sometimes it is what it is.

When my jeans are too tight I do not feel attractive. I feel smushed and fat.  Right now I could prob squeeze into a 4 but I would have a mega muffin top.
Seriously this is what I would feel like in 4's

Muffin tops...not pretty...period. Buy jeans that fit. My fave brand is VW Simply Vera from Kohls. Love them!! (and they are not too mommyish)

The next thing I want to touch on that makes me feel the most "sexy" at home is my underwear. I recently went through my underwear drawer and trashed most of them. Not because they were old but they were not attractive. Now the only person who sees my undies is the hubs but I want to be sexy for him (AND ONLY HIM). I don't want those string cutting into my side and digging in and looking like I'm only wearing a loin cloth.

My fave undies are the wide lace top thongs from VS. They do not dig into my skin and make me feel pretty. Know what else makes me feel pretty? A Matching Bra. Buy don't need multiple sets but you should have one matching undies and bra set.

Know what else makes me feel most comfortable? Being modest. No one need to see me in low rise jeans that barely cover my crack. I'm a wife and mother. The hubs is the only one to see this crack. (and the occasional girlfriend when we are trying on clothes, etc.)

Cover up the cleavage and for the love of God please stop posting BOOB SHOTS ON FB!

O.K Rant over back on track...

I guess what I am trying to say is that my confidence doesn't always come from a certain number. It comes from being comfortable in what I am wearing, be comfortable naked around my husband, not showing off all my goods to every person I walk past in the mall.

I hope that once I reach my goal weight I will feel even more comfortable in my own skin but right now I am gaining confidence in the fact that "I" have taken a stand against being unhealthy.

Right now I am trying to become a more


Another time that I feel confident is when I am in my workout clothes getting ready to "get my fit on". I might not be the fittest, most ripped girl there but I feel empowered by that sports bra, yoga pants and tank top. What better way to help me feel empowered when working out then to have a shirt that speaks directly to me an tells me what I need to hear!

Ilona over at Strong, Confident, You creates the perfect workout shirts. Once that speak to your heart and remind you of what you need to do or why you are doing it. She creates everything from tank-tops to sweaters. She can even create a custom shirt just for you in your fave color, size and saying! She sent me this awesome shirt and I must say it fits perfectly and speaks right to my heart! Strong is what I am going for!!

Here are some other creations 

She is giving one of you lucky readers your very own Strong Confident You shirt!

HOW AWESOME IS SHE?!?!?! Well wait she gets more awesome!

You can use the coupon code SWEETMEL10 for 10% off your total order!! YAY!

All you have to do it enter using the Rafflecopter Below!

Good luck! Contest end in 7 days!

Now get working on becoming that Strong Confident Comfortable Beautiful person that you long to be!
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    1. Sorry, I don't know what happened but it is open now!

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    1. Hey Emily these tops are adorable! Sorry I guess the time must have been set for later than I realized! It is open now though!;)

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