Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What have you done for the past 10yrs?...I invented POST ITS!!

OMG I have been waiting to do this blog since I entered the world of blogging.

Unlike a lot of people I have been looking forward to my 10yr high school reunion since the day I graduated....wait actually since before I graduated! I made sure I was one of the class officers just so I could help plan it. You all know by my blog now that I am a party planner girl, so the chance to help plan an event like a reunion was a dream for me.

Sad to say my 10yr has come and gone but it was one heck of a good time. We had a good turn out for the size of our class but I do wish more would have come. There were a few that I  really wanted to see who didn't make it and only one who I could care less to see and that person wasn't there so it was perfect! Oh don't judge and act like there is not someone you'd like to avoid for the rest of your life. My graduating class had a total of 88 people and we had a turn out of about 20 some. This is considered great!

I am happy to say though that I worked with 4 other amazing women planning this event, who each added something special to the reunion. It's amazing how after 10yrs you could put us all on a conference call together and we would laugh and carry on like not a day had passed since we were hanging out in the halls of LHS. I do miss our phones calls and routinely super long messages on FB.

One of the reasons I wanted to share this blog is also to give others ideas for their reunion. When we started planning I couldn't find any posts on reunions...not even on Pinterest- GASP- I know!

I hope our ideas and special memories help someone else plan for such an important milestone life.

Ok now on to the pictures from the day with alittle info in between. Enjoy! (oh and we all looked pretty amazing)

First we started the day at our local lake with a Family Day Cookout. It was so fun watching the kiddos play and see if you can tell what kids belonged to which classmates.

Really? What is up with my kids and their hands in their mouths??

The kids loved the water play...and who were we to tell them no when only a few short years ago this was us?

Nothing like some WV Corn Hole!!

I love how she adores her daddy as much as I do, melts my heart!

10yrs later and just as close if not closer than we were then, I LOVE this girl!

The family day was followed that evening with an adult only dinner. We were very blessed in the fact that our class president is now a teacher at out old high school so were able to have our dinner in our old high school which was pretty awesome!

This was our memories table where we had our old years books, candle holders with pictures of us from middle school on them.

Sadly we have lost two members of our class. One was two years after we graduated and the other just a few months before the reunion. We set up pictures of them and each classmate light a candle in memory of them both.

We set up a photo booth which was a blast! I got these printables for free from Oh Happy Day

Our Cupcake table was designed and completed by a very talented member of the planning committee. They were deliciously beautiful!

We used round tables for everyone, our class pres designed the center peices and a "Remember When" page that went at each setting. The remember when consisted of Top music, car, gas prices, etc. Around the centerpeice was individual candles that were purchase already in the shot glass size glasses from Wal-Mart. I then made copies of our yearbook pictures from middle school, cut them out and put each indiviual picture on the glasses with modpodge. When the candles were lit your face shined through and these were hysterically cute!

Another picture of our cupcake stand

So wonderful to sit and visit with everyone!

What a fun day that was. I think we sat there until we were all falling a sleep(which was like we're getting old) telling stories and reminiscing about the old days. I can't express how much fun I had and how happy I was to be able to spend time with so many people who was such a big part of my childhood. I have known some pretty amazing people and so glad to still call most of them friends!

Love you all Class of 02'!

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