Saturday, October 13, 2012

Christmas Time is here...

Yes you read that right...I said Christmas time is here and it's not even Halloween!

About this time every year I start getting the itch. The itch to pull out all of my red and green decor out of the building and starting playing Jingle Bells while I cook but now that we have little ones who look forward to trick or treating I have to refrain for just a bit longer before turning my home into a Winter Wonderland.

On a brighter note there are a few things I can do to get ready for the Season.

First things first I will be setting down tonight and making my Christmas list. Not my list of what I want (that's the second one I make) but my list of who all we buy for and delegating how much money we will spend on each person. This is just another way to keep myself from not going crazy. If there's anything I love more than shopping its shopping for other people. I love to give. God gave me the gift of a  giving heart and I believe I use it very well...sometimes a little too well.

The next and one of my favorite ways to kick off Christmas is by shopping Black Friday.

Oh yes, I love the thrill of getting a good deal, the one night a year where I'm up all night and love every single minute of it! I love standing in line waiting to rush in (without hurting anyone or fighting...I do draw the line at acting like an immature child in the middle of a store). It is so fun!!

Well this time of the year is when the BF ADs start getting released. I love watching and waiting on the ones I want to see and then comparing as they are released. I just love every minute of it!

I follow one specific site, BFADS, and as they release the ads I will post the links on my facebook page. A small piece of advice, if they release an ad that you really have interest in save it to your desk top. A lot of times they will release one then a day or two later get a letter from that store asking them to take it down so they will have to remove it. It's a real bummer when you go back to look at one and they have had to take it down.

Let's always remember though with all the excitement and joy that...

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!


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