Thursday, October 25, 2012

Addition to our Family

For a while I have been praying about one specific thing. Something I have felt led to do but been waiting until the time was right. Well last month the time was right and we welcomed DAVID into our family.

I could kiss that face off!! He is so serious in his pictures but this shows me that there is a deeper pain. One that I hope I can ease by our letters, prayers and love that we are sending him half way around to world. He might not be my blood but he is my child and I will pray for him as I do my own.

David lives with his mother right now but hopefully will go into the orphanage soon where he will be in a much better christian environment. I sponsor David through "The Orbit Village Project". This project touches my heart because I have sat down with the owner/operator and heard her stories. Seen how she loves each one of these children as her own and every penny paid goes to feed, clothe and take care of those kids.

I have been a sucker for those sad commercials on tv and all the while I wanted to sponsor I always questioned in the back of my mind how much of my money was going to that child. Cyndy doesn't do advertising, she only does word of mouth and some local activities. She is from Sevierville and still lives in the area when she is not at Orbit.

Her heart is huge but her drive to provide for these children is even bigger! She will go head to head with the African government when trying to pass laws and make better lives for the children at her school and orphanage. She teaches them Christ and shows them the love of God daily.

Please, I encourage you to read more about the Orbit Village Project. If you would decide to sponsor a child you can become one of Cyndy's facebook friends, she is continuously posting pictures of the children at Orbit. You DO NOT have to sponsor though to become one of her fb friends. She will post needs that the school might have and you could provide/donate that way. Or you can just enjoy the beautiful pictures that she posts. Sometimes there will be pictures of them with the gifts you send, things you donate or letters you write. You will have such a close relationship with your sponsored child that you and them will be moved by it!

I'm not downing other companies out there but this is the one God used to really touch me, move me and hopefully mold me into what He wants me to be.

Here are some of the beautiful faces at Orbit. Please pray that if God would use you to help take care of one of His children then you will be moved to do so!

New Shoes!!

The Twins in their new shoes!

A very happy little boy getting a package and letter from his sponsor

More New Shoes!

This is one class during Zawadi!
I love being able to see these pictures. Last year after winter while in Wal-Mart I came across toboggans for .25each. I bought every single one that they had and sent them to Cyndy. See those blue boggans? Those are the ones I purchased and it brought tears to my eyes to see all those children so excited, over a simple .25 toboggan.

If you have any questions about Orbit please contact me or Cyndy. Share this post with your friends and just pray the the Lord will work in your heart and show you a way to help The Orbit Village Project.


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