Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Debt Dumping 101- The End

Happy Tuesday morning ya'll and I am so happy that tomorrow is the last day of my NSM!

First off a little weekend review:

  • Started the weekend with play time at the park with friends

  • There was finally enough leaves for the kiddos to play in and they loved it!

  • The lovely hubs rans in the Zombie race because I'm a big fat chicken...seriously haven't figured out why is the world I signed up for that thing!

He's having fun...I would have been having a break down!

  • Continuing progress of the Toy Room...it's a LONG work in progress but I think we are still on track to have it finished by Christmas

  • Another Amazing service at church...more on that to follow
Now to finish out my NSM Posts

This month has been 10times harder than what I thought it would be. Just taught me how easily I could let myself back into major spending mode if I didn't practice discipline everyday.

I have learned alot this month like how we really can only eat out twice in one month but I also learned that I do not like to cook that much!

I have seen how, when we truely set our minds on a goal we can do it and make it work.

We were able to save a nice chunk of money this month and with Christmas right around the corner it couldn't have been more perfect.

I know now esactly how much money we need in our GAS fund and that I can def feed my family of 4 for under $500 for the whole month. Prob a little less if I was a creative cooker and could look at my pantry and come up with tasty, satisfying meals...but I'm not!

I have to tell you though God has used this month to speak to me in ways I would have never imagined and although I was doing this for me and us I see now that he is using it to teach me how to handle His money!

I have alway said that God works in mysterious ways and will show us things when we least expect it and I don't think I have every felt his presence in my life as much as what I have felt in the past 3 months. Starting back in August I had prayed every since Laniebug was born that God would provide a good babysitter for her and a good job for my husband. It seemed like every lead for both was always a fail. To make a long story short God delivered Louise to us is August. She is truly amazing and we are so blessed to have her.

A week after we found her the hubs got a job offer. Really?? I have always said "If one of us could stay home with the baby until she was atleast a year old that would make me so happy". Well Laniebug was 2 weeks past her first birthday when all this went down.

God you are AMAZING

Then September was a major readjustment month for us but we managed and moved on to October.

As we end our NSM I have been thinking and praying about how I should do our next month budget.

My church yesterday started a 4 week series on GIVING and what God says we should do with (our) His money. Holy Moly...I swear I think God and I are having our own little coversation.

I ask...He answers...once again...I'm AMAZED!

If you would like to listen to this series please do. It is about 30 min and man is it good! I can't wait to see what the next 3 weeks holds. Click Here to listen or watch the sermon. It is "BECAUSE" by Tim Miller, Oct 28th.

I hope this month has inspired you to get a hold of your finances, take control of your spending and now start learning what God calls us as Christians to do with the money that he has provided us with. I know first hand that although I might work this job for this money...he has provided this job for me and he can take it away just as fast! Praise be to HIM that I am finally seeing the light (and some green)!

If you are just joining us you can read back through the posts this months for more tips, tricks and information! DEBT DUMPING 101

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