Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beautiful KaylaJuku Jewelry Giveaway

Ok so with this being my No Spend Month I am happy to give you something for free! It's always nice to get something and even better when it's free and SUPER CUTE!!

This piece of jewelry is actually coming from a childhood friend over at KaylaJuku Jewelry or Kaylajuku on etsy. We lived beside each other for a few years when I was younger...she's actually the one who told me I could eat a weed. I can't remember what it was called but I think it looked like clovers. Yep that's what we did in southern WV as kids....ate weeds.

Anyways after the years thanks to the wonderful social network I can actually semi keep up with people I grew up with and thus now I get to giveaway one of her supre awesome bracelets. When I first started this blog and decided to do some giveaways she was one of the first people I contact to do a giveaway. It was so early she was still showing her items on her personal fb page. She has grew tremendously in the past couple months and I am hoping to help her grow alittle more!

She created this B-E-A-U-TIFUL necklace for me. First off I am a HUGE Hunger Games fan and although this wasn't created for that purpose this necklace reminded me of the mockingjay. Had to have one! Then when she said she could do a purple and a navy pearl in my nest I was in L-O-V-E. I was the momma bird taking care of her babies...so now this necklace has major sentimental value.

Not to mention it is cute and goes with just about anything I wear!! Love it!

Isn't her jewelry just gorgeous and so unique?!?!

These are my favorite!!!
 Kayla is so creative and puts together some of the most unique and beautiful jewelry I have seen. Her prices are amazing! $12 for the necklaces and $10 for the bracelets!! You won't find those prices many places.

Thank you so much Kayla for graciously sending me this gorgeous Owl Bracelet to giveaway to one of my lucky readers!!

Tasks for entry are:

  • Visit KaylaJuku Jewelry on Facebook and then come back here and comment what your favorite piece of jewelry was

  • Follow my blog with GFC (click on the blue follow me with google friend connect on the right and follow steps)

  • Share the Facebook post I make about the giveaway on your wall

Leave me a comment below for each entry (you can have a total of 5) you complete!!




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  1. My favorite piece is the owl bracelet and the bird necklaces, I said piece but I can't choose between the two.... :( Hope to win 1 of them anyway... :) Love her work.