Monday, October 29, 2012

Ribbons & Bows from her Head to her Toes

I am SUPER excited to share this with you all!! Who loves bows as much as I do?? From the moment I found out Laniebug was a girl I started buying was actually my first purchase for my precious little girl and I haven't stopped since!

Laniebug at 2 months old sportin' her Halloween bow!

Now if you have been reading my blog for a while you know I am fairly frugal and don't like to just blow money on random stuff so with having a girl I knew this would become rather difficult but then I found them, with their large selection of bows, colors, flowers, headbands, It was LOVE at first click! GIRLS CROCHET HEADBANDS Just typing their name puts a smile on my face because they ROCK!

Since I was pregnant with Lanie, 18months ago, this little family owned business has grew tremendously and I got to watch it and participate in it. When I started shopping you could buy, flowers, bows and headbands, not long after they added bloomers like these!

Laniebug at 7months Bloomers and Bow from GCH
 Now you can get Leg Warmers, Tutus, Rompers, Hair Bows and Headbands which start as low at .38each...Yes you read that right .38ea!!!

Also if you like to make your own they sell a number of supplies for you to make your own Hair Creations!

When I started this blog I new I wanted to offer my followers something from this fantastic company. Every woman with a daughter needs to know about this site!

I was delighted to find that Girls Crochet Headbands would be sponsoring a giveaway! I was hoping for a bow or two to giveaway but nope they blew my mind again. They are giving one of my readers a $30 Gift Certificate to their store!!! Do you know how much that can buy on their website?? A TON with hairbows starting @ $1.50, headbands @ .38 and Rompers less than $10!

Then came even better news...

They sent me 5 items of my choice to review for the post!! WHAT? HOLY COW I love them even more now!!

Here are the 5 items I picked out!!

   A-DOR-ABLE  Leg Warmers!! You can get the HERE for only $2.99!!

Next up was this Floral Satin Romper if this isn't perfect for picutres then I don't know what is! You can get it HERE for WAIT FOR IT....$9.99!!!

She was over the bow at this point! hehe

Then I got the Ivory Maggie Flower to match and it went perfectly one one of the many crochet headbands I already had! Get it HERE for $1.79!!

Next up was this cute little Halloween Costume inspired by Snow White!!
You're gonna LOVE this....Get it HERE for...$3.99, YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT!!!!

The last thing I just had to have was this super cute OWL BOW and you should have seen me chasing this child around trying to get a good picture...I almost put it on my head to take a picture!
Get it HERE for $2.98

These are the items they sent me to review and I don't have one negative thing to say. 
There is no gimmicks, no tricks, just adorable stuff at fantastic prices! Go Check It Out NOW!

If you can't wait for the giveaway to see if you win of if it isn't your name that is picked they are giving all of my readers 20% off your total order with this coupon code: SweetMel20 exp. in 30days

Once again...AWESOME!! Enter this contest below in the Rafflecopter box. You must click Login (which you can do with your facebook account, don't worry it's doesn't effect your fb one bit) then follow each step. Make sure that your number of entries on the right hand side goes up to match the number of available entries so you can get entered as many times as possible!! 

REQUIRED FOR ENTRY - Visit Girls Crochet Headbands Pick out your favorite item then come back here and tell me what it is in the comments below- 2 Entries

  • LIKE GCH on Facebook- 1 Entry
  • FOLLOW GCH on Pinterest- 1 Entry
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  • SHARE This Giveaway on Facebook and tag SweetSouthernMel in it-5 Entries
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    PLEASE READ- ALL ENTRIES MUST BE ENTERED THROUGH RAFFLECOPTER (if you have any problems figuring this out then please send me a message and I will walk you through it)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
So that's a total of 15 Possible entries per person!

Good Luck Ladies and Happy Shopping!



  1. The rompers and leggings are my favorite!

  2. I absolutely LOVE that stuff! I will have to check them out..Christmas is coming up and I have 2 little ladies to buy for this year ;) I didn't enter the contest since I won already. Figured I would wait a little while to give someone else a turn...Thanks for the info!!! And pumped about the discount!!!

    1. Hey ladies!! GCH just contacted me and had me change the coupon code to SweetMel20. THEY ARE GIVING YOU 20% off not 10!!! YAY!! Enjoy!

  3. I love the merry christmas cotton leg warmers


  4. The leg warmers are my favorite! We have a ton of them!

  5. It is so hard to text! I guess I like the rompers the best. And I love that they come in every color.

  6. I love the rompers and leggings!

  7. The hot pink lace romper is so cute it says photo shoot all over it! I also love the lace leggings! Glad my friend turned me onto your site, will definitely be buying some clothes for Christmas.

  8. I like the crochet headbands. Great for my daughter's curly long hair.

  9. Bloomers! bought the minnie mouse ones

  10. what ISNT to love from GCH!! my favorite is the lace headbands and flowers, ALL of them (: when i found out i was having a girl in early oct, my first purchase was also headbands and flowers from GCH!! (: thank you!