Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm Shrinking

Well my first week of Paleo is over.

Thus far I'm happy with the results although last Thursday I about had a break down.

When I do something, normally I do it 100% so when trying to make the switch to Paleo in my diet I cut everything out, cold turkey and Thursday, it caught up with me.

The biggest problem I have had is figuring out what I can eat. I was starving on Thursday but it just seemed like everything I though of I couldn't have! I was highly frustrated. So this is what I decided.

One day a week is going to be my "Non-Paleo" day. This meaning I will eat what I want...within reason. This way I'm not so deprived that I become frustrated to the point of throwing in the towel.

I guess my frustration also came from the fact that I had been at work for 4 days. On the weekends it is easy, alittle easier to spend more time in the kitchen preparing my yummy Paleo meals. Monday-Thursday I just don't have that type of time. At least not if I wanna have extra time with my babies. On Sunday I had prepared food for the week but was out by Wednesday and with Wednesdays being my MOST busy day of the week I didn't even think about food for Thursday. This wasn't smart and I paid for it on Thursday.

Time to make some cookies while the pizza is cooking! I think they ate more dough though!
Friday was my N-P day. I had one of my BFF's two children at the house all night so we had a "Family Fun Movie Night" which always involves Pizza, Cookies and Popcorn. You see why I chose to have one night of freedom??

I only got to try one of the recipes I wanted to but my weekend of was a whirlwind of babysitting, donation drop offs, taking a bed apart, taking some fun pictures that I will post as soon as they are released ;), snotty noses, loading and moving my granny(well helping as much as possible), company every night and the hubs being gone for most of it. Not by exact choice but everything seemed to fall on the same dern weekend.

Whew but it was here and gone.

I need a nap.

The one I did try both the hubs and I liked. It was these crab cakes. They were good but would have been great if I had of done two things different.
1- Buy fresh shrimp, not frozen, the frozen makes it too liquefied
2- I really need to learn how to fry stuff without burning it...I'm a burner :/

The end result was very good though and I will be making these in the future!

I took my measurements this morning and was beyond thrilled with what I seen!!

Here they are:
Arms 11 1/2
Thighs 23 3/4
Belly 31...that's a 3in LOSS!!!!
Hips 40 1/2


This is what motivates me. Not only a lb loss but inches lost too!


Movie Time on Friday Night!

The things that I love, a picture make for me that says "I Love You Mel, Yes I Do" 

Coloring a picture for our sponsor brother in Africa, David!! 

ARE WE READY??? She insisted on sitting on the potty TWICE!! Nothing happened but
this is a start! 

Happy Monday Ya'll



  1. wow, that's awesome results!!!! I may have to get on the band wagon so I can actually wear a swimsuit this summer!!!!!

  2. Good for you! The first week is the hardest and then the paleo lifestyle becomes a habit. You are a rockstar!