Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Valentines Day Ya'll!!

I awoke to roses, a new coffee mug and yummy cheesecake...oh how he knows the way to my heart!

I have a small gift for him but like most mornings I was running behind and this morning he actually got out of bed on time which left me no time to set it out...such is my life, atleast I had it prior to today. 

I think next year I am going to have us celebrate V-Day on Feb 15th. This way we can both shop at 50% off the next day. 

Who knows maybe even turn it into a game of who can get the other the "best" cheap Valentines day present!
My perfect morning reminders, I love my babies and my new mug but most of all I love my Savior! 

Now onto some good information I came across yesterday! As you know I am in the "Biggest Loser" competition at my office and each week I send out an email for tips/tricks for the week. Being that it was Valentines Day I thought these were most appropriate!

* You burn 68calories per hour of KISSING
* You burn 8cal/hour for undressing...have fun taking them clothes off:)
* You burn 80cal/hr for "Giving" a massage
* You burn 144cal for every HALF-HOUR of Sex

Are you ready for this one??

* You burn 100cal for every Half-Hour of Oral Sex...hmmmmm
* You burn 103 cal/hr for some "romantic" dancing
* You burn 238cal/hr for a Make-Out Session

Now there's some FUN ways to burn some calories so get to it ladies...use your imagination and burn some extra calories this weekend!! 

I hope you day is filled with love and happiness! 


*For more information on these tips visit Womans Day too see all the little details! 

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