Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bahama Babies

~Hello All~

I am back, refreshed, rejuvenated, relaxed and ready to go! All the while 10lb heavier...ok so maybe not that much but I haven't dared the scales yet to see. I'll wait til tomorrow to see what that number is. I want to keep this relaxed feeling a bit longer.

The cruise was absolutely phenomenal. The kids were fantastic, even my lil schedule bug was able to stay up longer before nap and bed time which made it a lot easier on this momma and dadda.

Kinley was so super excited to be getting on the "BIG Boat" and repeatedly told me he didn't want to ever leave. That is as long as mommy and daddy stayed with him. He's going through this attachment stage and I'm not sure what to make of it yet. I have always encourage him to stay other places because he needs to be comfortable without us and there are times that we (the hubs and I) need to remember who we are. Not just mom and dad. When everyone except Lanie and I arrived home Kinley kept crying saying he missed me...I was flying home the next morning so I'm not sure what was going on.

However the next day arrives, momma is home and what does he want to do? Go work out with daddy...of course! Oh well, deep down that boy is a momma's boy and he always will be.

Here's a little photo roll through our vacation. Ahhh I could look back at these pictures everyday.

 I never want to forget the memories we created!

A little fun in our cousins pool the weekend before the cruise

I love these two people and hope that my marriage will be as successful as theirs

He is totally a mommas boy!

Lil' Miss Independent enjoying the white sandy beach

Ahhhh My favorite view!


Having some major fun with my kiddos and my new camera!

We did some Straw Market shopping but by this point everyone just wanted to be back on the boat

Love Ocean Adventure for the kids! Kinley looked forward to going there every night, this was Pirate night obviously

 Once again my independent little girl wanted to be like everyone else and wouldn't drink from her sippy at dinner so she got water in a wine glass

One of my favorite pictures of the week! She is a daddy's girl for sure

After we got off the boat on friday we decided to spend the day going out to Hermit Crab Island on my cousins boat and we got some wonderful pictures and a little more fun family time! 

I loved watching him run and play with his cousins

The Dolphins decided to feed right in front of us! They were amazing to watch

Yes he loves me so much he agreed to take a cheesy romantic picture with me



Oh and FYI....I can't control my eyebrow and if I could control my face, my face would be really tired at the end of the day! HAHA If you don't know what I'm talking about then you are missing out of some pretty funny stuff!

Happy Valentines Day Week Ya'll!!


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