Wednesday, September 12, 2012


That's All I'm Going to Say
UGGGHHHHH ok I'm breaking out the treadmill again tonight!!

Ok so that's not all I'm going to say. Yes I was on a cruise for 3 days...yes I should have had more self control but that fact of the matter is...WAIT FOR IT...I LVOE FOOD. I LOVE CAKE, I LOVE KEY LIME PIE, I LOVE BREAD AND BUTTER. I LOVE everything that is bad for you with the exception of beer...I like beer but it doesn't make the "LOVE" cut off.

I worked out once while on the cruise however we took the steps every time...only got on the elevator once so that should count for something but a 2lb weight gain?? I guess this is the kick in the arse that I need to get back into workout mode.
I do LOVE to workout once I get over that, this sucks, I'm always gonna be fat, never gonna have a supermodel body, I think I'm going to die, I can't breathe, first couple of weeks. But let's face to truth here try to fit working out into a schedule that includes working full time, T-Ball, Awanas, cleaning the house and doing all the other motherly things that I do is dang near difficult. Not impossible but difficult.

I am going to do better and I am going to stop this weight gain train before it get's going too fast!

WHO'S WITH ME? Ya'll better be cause this train is bound and determined to not become the train wreck that I seen far too many times while on the crusie. Ex) people who are mobidly obese is bathing suits with half as much material as mine. Yep have some Self Respect LADIES!!

Once again YUCK...I hate struggling with my weight!!


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