Friday, September 21, 2012

This is My Life?

I feel like a bee...not the Queen Bee who gets to sit on her rump all day while all these little busy bees run around working and working only for her but one of those busy bees. The one who goes not stop, without rest, without any appreciation, without even being noticed.

I know that might sound kinda harsh and not true for all the time since I did just have a nice relaxing mini vacation, a vaca alot of mommas do not get, but lets face it as moms we all feel like this at some point.

For the last two weeks this has been my days:

Up at 5:50
Get ready for work
Get the kids ready for school and sitter alternating healthy breakfasts', pop tarts and breakfast bars
Drop L-Bug off at the sitter
Work by 7:30
Work for 9hrs (I work 4-9hr days so I can keep full time status but this means I work through lunch)
Get off work sometime between 4:30-5
Pick up one or both kids depending on when the hubs gets off work
Home to get Kinley ready for a Tball game on tues and thurs. No time for dinner so it's crockpot meal if I remembered to do it the night before or Chick-Fil-A if I didn't
Wednesday nights are Awanas which we normally don't even have time to go home for its pick up kids, meet hubs to drop baby off since she isn't old enough for Awanas and then off the church with K-Man
Monday the hubs has Church Softball games so he is gone some then
starting at 7 its bath time and get ready for bed time
Kids in bed by 8-8:30
Then it's clean house, laundry, lay out clothes for the next day, pack the kids bags, make a crockpot meal if the next evening is going to be just as crazy, etc
Oh and for the last two weeks I have worked 5days a week not 4 (that is an adjustment itself)

I'm tired just writing it all out and I know I have forgotten stuff because memory went out the window when stretch marks came in. I have found myself looking at my husband saying "This is our life now". We find our self counting the minutes to go jump in bed...for a completely different reason then it used to be. We are TIRED, we are stretched thin, some nights we are on the verge of breaking, but one thing for sure WE ARE A FAMILY.

We do this all together, we take joy in each others activities. We share the upset, heartache and we share the laughter and joy.

It's hard, being a mom is flippin' hard and it only gets harder. What was I thinking that this would eventually become a peice of cake?

Yesterday my friends were struck with tragedy. They were broken in a way that I don't know can ever be fixed. They have been on my mind non stop for 24hrs now. My heart aches to the point of barely breathing for them.

As I wrote this post I thought about how so many nights I have taken for granted that I will see my children tomorrow. I will tuck them in tomorrow, I will read them a story tomorrow. Truth is we are not gaurenteed tomorrow. We do not know what God's perfect plan is. We do not know if tonight will be the last I Love You, last kiss good night, last See You Tomorrow.

When you are feeling stretched thin, like if one more person takes another piece off of you you just might break remember that WE are so blessed to be able to feel like that.

I am a busy momma worker bee, who will continue to buzz around doing everything that needs to be done and I will do it with a smile because I am Blessed.

I hope you all are blessed!


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  1. It's so ironic you posted this today. This same thought has been on my mind all week and I actually posted something similar on my blog last night. Being a mama is certainly the hardest job on earth but we are so very blessed to have it. Hearing about your friends' tragedy really puts things in perspective. We should be celebrating our lives, however chaotic and stressful at times they may be, not complaining about them.