Wednesday, September 26, 2012




Well I told you a couple weeks ago I went to the most awesomest (yes thats a word in my vocabulary) birthday party ever. Not only did the kiddos have a blast but the adults did too and my next fave part...Under $150 for the whole party and that includes SpiderMases' presents!!

WHAT?!! That is enough to make me jump up and down!! Less than $150 for a birthday party that was rockin' at that!

Well it all started with these cute little invites that SpiderMases' daddy designed. They decided to keep the party to a small number of children so that each one could do alittle more. Just close friends and warms my heart that we are the clsoe friends. Have I told you about how awesome my neighbors are?? That will def be another post.

 Also sorry for the poor quality in the pics, they are from my phone. One of these days I'll have a fancy shmancy camera...

Anyway along with these cute invites came these special SuperHero Capes. One for each SuperHero invited. Loved them and of course the SuperHeros had to "Fly" around the yard practicing for the big day!

Melissa bought the different color material, cut out the capes, sewed them together. She then cut the Superhero signs out of felt and glue them to the capes.
At the party each SuperHero got to make their own mask.

After they completed their masks the villans (aka daddy, aunt and uncles) called to say they were going to steal all of the presents. The Superheros put their super belts on and took off after the villans with their SpideyWebs (silly string) to stop them before they took the presents! Ummmm LOVED watching them run around the yard chasing and spraying the villians. So Cute!!

The SuperHeros Saved the day and the presents so they celebrated with cupcakes while SpiderMase opened all his awesome presents!!

The party was followed with a sons first. Alittle piece of this momma was sad, her baby is growing up. I'm so glad though for him to have such an awesome Christian family to hang with and have these firsts with. We are truely blessed to have them in our lives!


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