Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TUBBY TUESDAY & a little more

Hey ya'll!! How was your three day weekend?? Mine was fantastic. I got some much needed quality time with my lil fam. Made an awesome turn around on some windows I found. Had dinner with my neighbor/bestie. Packed for my girls trip and got the hubs ready to head back into the work field. That's going to be an adjustment!

Ok enough of my babble, I'm just procrestinating the inevitable...

I'ts Tuesday again! Not too pleased with myself this week...

Ok so it's half a pound weight loss so atleast it's a loss but not at all what I had hoped for. I really didn't try that hard though well until yesterday when I went to Crossfit again...that made me puke and hurt and wanna cry. Just goes to show you one day a week is not enough...gotta give more

Now just alittle sneak peak. I have all kinds of fun stuff in the works for my blog and everyone who has liked my facebook page. If you haven't do that here.


Ok so here is what all I am working on

  • Superhero party (to come after Sept 13th)
  • Our Annual Pumkin Party
  • 100 TOY Review...what to buy, what not to buy (my own person op's..not paid or endorsed by any of them)
  • Bedroom Make-Over
  • Major Toy Room Project/Christmas Project
  • Working on a NO SPEND month...well more of a Budget adjustment month
  • A bunch of little crafty projects...from a non crafty person....for the non crafty people
  • GIVEAWAYS!! WOO HOO! I can't wait til you all see what all I have lined up, it's gonna be the BOMB DIGGITY!!
Now I will be MIA for a few days.
Girls trip with two of my buds..SHIP, BAHAMAS, TROPICAL BEACH and a COLD DRINK...I promise to take plenty fo pics for you! ;)

This was me a few years ago doing exactly what I plan on doing on thursday!



PS My site needs a total make-over...any takers please??

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