Thursday, September 13, 2012


Well let me tell you about my FABU-LO-SO weekend! Me and two girl friends left last wednesday and set out for a girls weekend the...WAIT FOR IT...BAHAMAS!!

WOW So much fun!! We cruised and just did the 3 night short one but if was exactly what this mama needed to relax and unwind.

I missed my three boogers like crazy but I have a set of wonderful parents who came to help keep the hubs from going over the edge. They were great and everyone was still in one peice upon my arrival back into the states.

Our trip started out with a one night stay on Cocoa Beach wednesday night and our motel just happened to be beside a Dunkin Donuts...Holla!!! Even major score when we went in there at 11 and she told us they were BOGO....50 munchkins....SCORE!

We head to the port on thursday and there began the relaxing. We sailed with Carnival and it was ok. The food was decent but alittle too much partying going on for my confort and not enough shows and such. Now we were on the smallest ship but when I compare it to the Royal Carribean Cruise the hubs and I took a couple years ago that one takes the cake.

Here are just a few of the highlights of my weekend.

Snorkeling...Yep Please!

We were ready and notice Heather is wearing the brighter vest...I wasn't about to take the one that screamed "HERE I AM SHARKY...EAT ME, EAT ME!!

Girls talk, Miami Vice's and tropical waters...alittle slice of heaven all weekend.

Oh and I ate TERRIBLE....I MEAN TERRIBLE but I did manage to get up one morning and work out and this was my view....B.E.A.UTIFUL

View from the treadmill

Thank you People Mag and Honey Boo Boo for that catchy quote that I said everytime I walked into the Casino
(one of these days I'll talk about how bad I hate that show)

Ok So you know how when you are on the ship and everywhere you turn someone is wanting to take your picture? Well this is the first night of dinner and so we had to go check it out...Talk about TERRIBLE picture placement. It looks like my head is a projection from the ship. REALLY? WTC? LOL Too funny too funny! We were on the Mel Ship from that point on...

I must say though I enjoyed these ladies so much and hope to do it again next year and maybe add a few mroe to our group.

No Worries....Be Happy

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