Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tips & Tricks

So twice today I had major "Uh-Oh" moments. 

The first came when I was writing down out weekly menu on my dry erase board beside the fridge. Hamburgers and Spaghetti into it I realized that I had not grabbed the dry erase marker but better yet, the handy dandy SHARPIE! My attempt to wipe it off real quick acting like I had never done it didn't work, dang it, it didn't even smudge! So I went to the most potent thing in my house.  

All Purpose Cleaner WITH Bleach. 

I don't particullary care to use this but while the hubs was home he did most of the cleaning and that was his cleaner of preference so I didn't say anything. I mean come on ladies your husband is cleaning your whole house, who cares what he uses!! I was just thankful I didn't have to! 

Back to my fo-pah. I sprayed it with bleach, waited ummm about 3 second and started to rub. It smeared it but not even close to removing it. So if at first you don't suceed, try try again. I sprayed once more (and I mean I coated it down) and walked away for about 5 min. Came back and it rubbed right off!! Whew, I didn't not want to have to buy another board! 


Next "Uh-Oh" Moment...

K-Man starts Pre-K tomorrow. I can't believe how fast these past 4 yrs have flown by. Well in my attempt to be supermom again I have procrastinated myself into a pickle. Of course like every other mom in America has done this year I have a chalk board with Kinley's 1st Day of Pre-K & "I wanna Be a ____ when I grow up". Well I have one now...a few hours ago I was scrambling. 

Once again the hubs has came to the rescue and was outside painting a picture with chalk board paint for me. We have a double sided easel so I was going to fix that up as a fall back plan incase the paint isn't dry in time. Well upon bringing up the easel I realized K-Man thought it would be a grand idea to write on the chalk board with a crayon! WHAAAA?! 

I googled, tried the first thing I found and BAM it worked!! 


This was mid process, I forgot to take a pic at the beginning but you can see how much crayon was on there

TA DA!! All clean and like new!

Yep easy-peasy. Whoda thunk it? Def not me...I was contemplating using my nail to scrape it off. 

Alrighty so both of my uh-oh moments turned out pretty good today. If only they all worked themselves out that smoothly. 

I'll end with a picture of the hubs while he was working so hard on my chalk board! I'll show you finished product later!

Ok I lied, one more...seriously who has the cutest little girl eva?! 


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