Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Pretty Crapper...it is what it is

Sheeew what a weekend! I started a post on Saturday then got sidetracked and it still sits in the draft department of blogger...hmmm it'd seem kinda silly to post it today since it was from three days ago which seems like an eternity!!

I'll just do a short recap of my weekend before I get into my bathroom overhaul!

Friday- Crap...I seriously don't remember friday

Saturday AM- Crossfit (for the first time) it was awful, I left feeling like I was going to puke...excellant workout! I seriously can't believe my body did that and I'm super pumped to doing it again...in a few weeks after I can walk up the stairs without wincing with pain!

Saturday PM- Motorboatin' on Miss Mel...oh yeah my hubby loves me (it does help though that the boats original name was Miss Melody and he just scrapped on the ODY) but hey his boat is named after me...true love <---insert googly eyes here
My babies livin' it up in the tube

Sunday-Another wonderful church service, Pink Glove Dance at Worlds Fair Park (more to come on that)

Sunday- L-Bug starts running a fever, that's when Sunday and Monday just run together
We all know a sick baby means no sleep for both mommy and baby but I think we are on track to getting better (after bloodwork, cath, toe stick, chest X-Ray and a shot of rocephin)

Like I said SHEEEWWW

Now onto my bathroom overhaul!

I have been wanting to do this for sometime now and go figure the mood hit me to do it the same week as L-Bugs first birthday party...that will never happen again. What was I thinking I could plan a party and redo a bathroom! Def not my most genius idea but we finally finished it and I am ready to share!

I don't have the best before pics because I forgot to take pics until everything was down and I was trimming but here is an idea.

Oh and that awful Light fixture HAD TO GO!

Now the finished project and I must say it turned out even better then it looked in my mind!

Found a new light fixture on the Seymour Yard Sale page on Facebook
 (second best thing to pinterest)
Redid the mirror with mini tiles to give it a nice frame for a whole lot cheaper
It was super easy using just small tile pieces and silicone glue
Here's that tutorial 

I put a new shelf from my other bathroom and added two mini trifle glass that came from Wal-Mart to hold cotton balls and Q-Tips
I had bought the Paradise sign a couple years ago when I envisioned this bathroom
The milk glass came from my soon-to-be SIL bridal shower

My second favorite item of the new bathroom is my Towel Holder/Wine rack
Yay for more space under my cabinets now!
Plus it looks all fancy shmancy ;)

I had this awful basket that sat on the floor beside the toilet to hold my dryer and straightener, it just looked awful so I bought this toilet paper holder at Walmart too and stuck it to the side of the cabinet with some Command hooks (once again thank you pinterest)

Now myst last and most fave part! In the old bathroom I had a basket on the back of the toilet that collected everything, make-up, hair brushes, hairbows, cream, you name it and it could be found in the basket. Well sinced my towels are on the wall my hubby built me this nifty shelf system (thank you hubby). All of my stuff is now organized and hid away!!
Thank you Pretty Handy Girl for this wonderful tutorial

That is our new bathroom and it is so wonderful. Now onto dreaming up my next project...BEDROOM OVERHAUL!!

Here's a sneak peek at the my Lil bug's First Birthday party...more on that soon!

Have a great week ya'll!!


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